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NATO Fallout/Russian INF Treaty | Write My Essay

  1. Summarize the current status of your selected topic.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization entailed an international military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty. Power struggles continue to plague the Nation’s Russian diplomacy well into the 21st century (Higuchi, 2020).  Russia and NATO, however, successfully dealt with their fierce disagreements over the double enlargements in a non-violent manner. After the Kosovo crisis, the disposition of great power grew more assertive with the foreign policy elites.  In 2011, international security game arty rules shifted back to complex security, which played to Russia’s advantage.
2. Explain your level of leadership (refer to Chapter 2 of the Enlisted Force Structure).

The level of leadership is in the second level. This is it entails building better relationships.  As a leader, there is always need to  care about the wellbeing of others, and seek to bring out the best version of them to establish a stronger relationship (Kühn & Péczeli, 2017).  Building relationships is total in that it helps ensure there is trust and teamwork among a group, hence enabling the attainment of the set goals and objectives.
3. Describe your selected topic’s impact, link, and association with your level of leadership.

Building better relationships would greatly help with the NATO issues in that it would help have better negotiations. There was bad blood between nations, which needed an immediate locution to avoid a major war. There was a need for the leadership to ensure that they build a good relationship first before engaging in negotiations, where they would view each other well and not as enemies (Kühn & Péczeli, 2017). Relationships would as help in ensuring g that there were faster results and a better agreement.
4. Describe your selected topic’s impact, link, and association with higher levels such as MAJCOMs and COCOMs with the Air Force.

The issue of NATO fallout could significantly impact any country, including the United States. As the Air force’s MAJOR command, there would be a need to understand the fallout since it mainly involved the war tools such as the missile, where the NATO allies were against. This is since it used a significant risk to nations’ security, and the country hence had to be keen about approaching the issue (Kühn & Péczeli, 2017). The Major commandment of the air force would need to be keen on the next steps that he would undertake to ensure that the country remained protected. He would need to communicate with other military leaders and the country’s national security and establish the set course of action. Thi9s would play a significant role in ensuring that the citizens of the country.
5. Explain why your selected topic is a threat to National Security.

The issue of NATO is a threat to the National security of the country. Since any issue is related to missiles or any weapon of war.  This is since missiles can destroy a country, and lead to massive damage or cause deaths to the citizens of a country.  National security is very important element that  it  protect its citizens  and ensures that they are safe from any external  or internal threats .  It is the role of the national security, to ensures that all the citizens are safe.  National security does not only involve protection only against military attack but also other nonmilitary dimensions such as minimization of crime, energy security, terrorism and environmental security.

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