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My name is Jarvis Mitchell, and for the 25 years I have lived, I have spent more than half of it developing a passion I treasure deeply, writing. Writing cannot be explained as just revolving any content. It is however a representation of a self-fulfilling topic. The ability to write any document, write essays, literature, project proposals, research work, or even a personal journal is one of the greatest achievements for any academician. Moving from just writing skills to preparing quality work, overcoming all the weaknesses is counted as a great milestone for any writer. For a good and quality work, any writer can count the different progressive stages and weaknesses he or she has gone through to reach to that point. People find writing difficult sometimes due to various reasons. For instance, the feeling of being uncomfortable about the person or the message they are portraying. Often, such feelings have always been a source of crisis for me as a writer. In this essay, I aim at describing the strength I have gained in writing and the achievements I cerebrate thus far, as well as the problems I have encountered to becoming a good writer.

It has not been an easy journey to get to this far especially when I was a beginner. It as well hard to know how good I am in writing especially when no one ever discriminates or tear any peace of a work I have done recently. However, the quality of work I am doing can only be described though some of the achievements I have made thus far. Some of these include looking into details and following the instructions as guide by the instructor. This helps to make any of the work fantastic to read. Avoiding grammatical errors also helps during a read through giving it a special touch and ensuring that no descriptive written detail is omitted.

Other achievements include academic discipline. It is irresponsible to copy other peoples work and claim it to be your own. I have discovered that one way of excelling is to avoid re-writing work done by others this has helped me to maintain a discipline as great writer and has helped me to get devoted my work. Ensuring clarity of points has helped improve my work as one can get the views and points clearly even when scheming through this has helped reader who have limited time to go through the whole peace of work to get the points clearly.

Ensuring simple, clear but strong vocabulary has as well increase interest in my work by reader. This is through ensuring that my work is to the point and is as well passing the expected message. Last but not lest is my passion for reading written literature. This has helped me in improving my understanding and love for literature and has as well played a great role for me as I become a great writer. However, this achievement was accompanied along by several challenges. The speed of writing and sometimes not in a position to understand the instructions carefully has dragged me behind for a while. Time limit has as well played a role as a challenge in writing great pieces of work as sometimes I am forced to omit some points that may have increased the weight of a message or a point. I am however working toward improving my writing skills the more and am planning to read more literature materials and increase my writing speed. With this I will be better placed as a great writer.

Working towards becoming a great writer has never been any easy and anyone who wants to become a great writer must come out of their comfort zones. However, be attached to passion for reading, the desire to become a great writer, and the love to write.

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