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MYSQL Essay Samples | Hire Assignment Writers Online

It is true to say that personal data, including emails, social media postings, and voice mails, are data and can be used in the event of insurance claims. This is because these are the means that a person can use to communicate with others. However, there is a need for government agencies to seek consent from the data owners before using it to ensure that only the necessary data is used for reimbursement claims.

Discussion 2:

The significant advantage of using MYSQL in storing and managing data is that it can help reduce total costs of ownership, help in data security, and ensure seamless connectivity. A disadvantage of MYSQL is that it does not support an enormous database size and doesn’t handle transactions very efficiently (Sheilds, 2021). Using other types of databases may have the advantage of supporting large databases and handling information efficiently; a drawback of such is the enormous costs associated with different types of databases. Choosing a non-database storage option is vital because it can meet the standard requirements. It, however, can be pretty expensive as opposed to other storage options. In this case, the best type of data storage is MYSQL, given that it has been used for a while and has proven to have more advantages than disadvantages.

Discussion 3:

Data structures can help build, test, and implement when they are specially designed to undertake a given task. This is because they will be designed to meet the requirements and abilities of the data analyst.

Discussion 4:

Data analysts need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of data structures to understand them and their applicability to different tasks. They also need to know algorithms since solutions are inevitably written in code. A difference between analytics and classical statistics is that analytics help informs hypotheses, while statistics help test the statistics by focusing on data analysis, collection, and interpretation.

Discussion 5:

The available choices for replacing excel include Oracle 12 and MYSQL. Oracle has some of the most convenient features for a large organization. This is because it can be hosted on both single and multiple servers. It also critical database management tools that are up to date. MySQL also has features that allow you to select from various storage engines and has an easy-to-use interface.

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