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My Vision of a Utopia Essay | Assignment Helper

Utopia could be defined as the perfect world which does not exist in real life. This is a word that was first coined by Tomas More in 1516, where he then published a book with a perfect form of government. It is also a vision that one can use to define and think of their perfect world that they would like to live in. It is an imaginable world in which one can try to create a vision from one’s point of view, with a primary goal of remaining perfect, with a beautiful life.

My first aspect of a utopia is that everyone is equal. In a utopia, no one is bigger or more powerful than the other. People live in peace and harmony and respect each other. No one would fight or oppress the other, meaning that everyone is respected and happy to live in such a world. My second aspect is that everyone is prosperous and contented. In the Utopia world, no one is stressed or unhappy since everything is flawless. The people do not need to have money or any wealth since they all have the same share of success and are always happy.

The third aspect of Utopia is that everyone is safe and does not live in fear. In this world, no one expects any form of violence or attacks, meaning that there is no reason to get involved in a war, which could result to injuries or loss of lives. It is a dream world for everyone since there is no fear of discrimination, mistreatment, or any form of prejudice, making all humans contented and satisfied with what they have. Utopia is a world where no one will be ashamed of who they are and people of all diversities coexist peacefully.

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