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My Stroke of Insight


Stroke of insight is an astonishing story of Bolte Taylor, who had a massive stroke and watched her brain functions such as speech, motion, and self-awareness shut down one by one. Stroke of the insight offers an experience of Bolte Taylor suffering from stroke and what she learned from it. The MESSAGE being offered is that instead of people always being connected to our actions and thoughts as well as wondering what would happen in the future, it is essential to channel more of living and enjoying the present and the right hemisphere.

The SENDER is Bolte Taylor, while the RECEIVERS are the audience and those watching the video on the internet. Bolte CODES the message through the internet by the CHANNEL of her thoughts. The receivers DECODE the message by interpreting the ideas and analyzing Taylor’s experience and applying the information towards themselves. The type of model that is being presented in this speech would be LINEAR MODEL of communication. The linear model of communication entails one way of communication where the sender offers the message while the receiver absorbs it (Velentzas and Broni, 2014). In this case, Taylor is passing information about brain functions and her stroke experiences to the audience, which then encodes the information for better interpretation.


Taylor offers a speech about her experience while suffering a stroke in her left hemisphere, as well as how she lost her cognitive functions, including rational thinking, speech, movement and self-awareness. The main ideas in the speech were brain functions as well as stroke experiences, which led to a better understanding of what happens in the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Dr. Taylor explains the different functions of the right and left hemispheres of the human brain. The right human hemisphere is about the present moment (Morrow, 2019). During her young age, her brother was suffering from a brain disorder, which provoked her interest in understanding the function of the human brain. While giving the speech, Dr. Taylor’s sound is very reasonable which attempts to show people that have suffered from a stroke can recover. Taylor critically describes her experience from the morning of the stroke and how her personal experiences are changed, as well as her analytic thoughts, reasoning, and speech were affected after her left hemisphere was momentarily turned off.

On the other hand, the left hemisphere is all about the past and the future by picking details from the past and present to project the possibilities of the future. Bolte Taylor offered an inspirational speech of life being changed by personal experiences. As I have lost a very close friend to a stroke, I found it essential to understand the rapid and severe effects of stroke. This experience reminds me of my first experience with stroke, where my friend was fine in one moment, and in the next moment, he was no longer capable of speaking and performing other essential functions such as moving.

During a stroke, Taylor was disconnected with typical things such as anxiety, stress as well as emotional baggage (Morrow, 2019). Taylor defined it as a sort of euphoric experience where she felt inner peace. Bolte stated that she wished that everyone understood what she felt like having the left hemisphere turned off. According to the experiences, it is clear that the human brain functioning is affected by stroke. Dr. Taylor relies on facts to inspire others. For instance, she brings out the real human brain and describes it in detail about how both hemispheres have different functions.

Dr. Taylor described her experiences and opinions to conclude her known stroke experiences. However, she also felt more connected to the world around her and could live the moment. Additionally, in the speech, Taylor shares that people should live in the moment and have their inner peace. It is interesting how DR Taylor could remember her experiences during the stroke, which gives factual experiences about how the brain functions.


There are two categories of noise internal and external noise. EXTERNAL noise entails typical noise one physically hears with their ears such as cars outside, music, airplanes, and other distracting noises. On the other hand, INTERNAL noise entails the noises from within that impacts one’s ability to focus (Lienhart et al., 2018) They consist of three categories which PSYCHOLOGICAL noises that include thoughts that are good or distracting, PHYSIOLOGICAL noises such as fatigue, hunger, and general discomfort, and SEMANTIC noises which entail the receiver interpreting information different from what it is meant to mean by the sender.

There are various barriers or noises that influence our listening skills and disrupt full concentration. While watching the TED Talk “Stroke of Insight” by neural anatomist, Dr. Bolte Taylor, by external noises as well as psychological and physiological noises impact my ability to listen and understand the message and ideas. NOISE EXAMPLE 1 EXTERNAL noise that came from outside the house as planes flew above our house near the airport. I found myself pausing the video until the plan passes since the sounds were too loud, affecting my concentration.

EXAMPLE 2 INTERNAL noises included both psychological and physiological noises. Psychological noises came from random thoughts of other things that were waiting. Some of the random thoughts included thoughts about laying on my bed and having some rest. While watching the TED talk, I found myself replaying the video because of physiological noises. The Physiological noise that affected my listening was my stomach growling, and all I could think of is having lunch.

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