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My Development as a Future Leader | Write My Essay For Me

Some people say that leaders are born whilst others say that leaders are made. I believe I share a little of both sides. When I was younger, I was assigned to be a class prefect and dedicated myself fully to serve the rest of my class members. I ensured that the class was tidy and organized, assignments were collected on time for marking and addressed any challenges forwarded by my fellow classmates. Clearly, this in itself indicates that I was born a leader. The fact that I was selected amongst many to take charge over a group of fellow age-mates is apparent that indeed I was born a leader. However, leadership for me had its own setbacks especially when it came to making friends; when you’re a leader you’re always on the teachers’ side thus your colleagues tend to seclude you (Uhl-Bien and Marion, 2009). I began resenting being a leader and decided to decline on any prospective propositions to lead in the future. Though I still yearned to lead, I suppressed my desires. Over time, my leadership skills began depreciating as I was not developing them until one day I went to a leadership conference and was motivated once again .I decided to take charge once more but this time I was willing to not only rely on my nurtured leadership skills but to also go further and inculcate the different styles of leadership that are evident in the contemporary society (Harlow, 2016). I enrolled myself for a leadership program that imparted me with sufficient skills and trained me on the different leadership styles that are common in the current society. Later on, I joined the Environmental club where I was an active member.

I was compelled by the need to pursue the transformational leadership style especially due to its motivating factor to employees. Managers in this case prioritize the needs of their employees as opposed to transactional leadership style that disregards the motivation aspect of its sub-ordinates but rather prefers an autocratic style of leadership (Hargreaves & Ainscow, 2015). Moreover, transformational leadership advocates for team work and mentorship that are actually proven elements necessary for the advancement of an organization, because when the employees feel appreciated and that their opinions are taken into account, they willingly offer their services without supervision (Boateng, 2016). Furthermore, this instigates a sense of commitment among the work personnel whereby they appreciate and enjoy the work hence foster the achievement of the organization’s long-term goals.


My leadership brand of transformational leadership will target to empower the employees and address any of their concerns (Judge & Piccolo, 2004). Additionally, I will inspire my employees to understand the vision, goals and values of the company so that together we can work with the aim of attaining them. I will also motivate team work among all departments in the organization making it easy to synchronize tasks for efficient succession. I will also spare more time to understand my employees as each one possesses distinct needs and goals.

I recently joined the Environmental Club and was appointed leader. I am tasked with the responsibility of facilitating discussions, uphold constant contact with the administration and faculty, partake in student sponsored activities and direct the meetings as well as guide and assist younger club members. So far, the challenges I have encountered are from the opposing side who feel that I did not deserve to be appointed as leader. Moreover, they criticize most of my work as effortlessly done. Though with great stamina and support from my colleagues, the club has progressed and currently more members are signing to be part of the club. Some of my colleagues gave me feedback on the success and drawbacks of our club. Amy reported that I have empowered the younger members to a great extent such that they feel welcome and they even invite their friends to join the club. Moreover, they feel comfortable in sharing their opinions without fear of being criticized. Though I need to work on my organizational skills and avoid delays. Stacey who is also a colleague mentioned that the team members all felt welcome but I needed to improve on my organizational skills and submit reports on time. My other colleague, Timothy pointed out that I should organize for more activities in the club so that club members are more exposed and allow more participation from the younger members.

In future, I need to work on my organizational skills especially when it comes to planning events and club activities. Moreover, I should learn to engage the young club members in more club activities and even allow them to preside over some meetings to inculcate leadership skills and instill confidence among them. I should also be more receptive to my colleagues’ criticism, bearing in mind that they are helping me to become a better leader.

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