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Music Response and Reaction Paper | College Homework Help

Likable Moments

At 0:55,” when the drum set was phasing into a different rhythm, I liked the transition because of its ability to expose me to a different environment. From the start, when the drummer started the rhythm, I felt like I was in control and knew where he was headed with the beat. However, when the second drummer came, and the beat changed, I lost my grip on the drum set, letting the drummers take charge of the rhythm. A change of instruments at 43:24″ brought a different experience to the set, which influenced my perspectives regarding the flow of musical experience.


The drum set has a significant impact on my understanding of the concept of music and its ability to introduce certain aspects that fulfilled my experience. However, the exposure to different activities in the contemporary world defines the ability of an individual to connect with the music and understand the distinct impressions that represent their interaction with various musical instruments. At 1:02:30,” the transition from the previous musical instrument brought a new whole experience that made me anticipate the unknown. Exposing listeners to unpredictable musical changes creates a unique experience that allows them to connect with the overall feeling that defines the perspectives of individuals.

Emotional Response

Music is a positive distraction that allows individuals to overcome challenges affecting their lifestyles. Even without the words or lyrics, the musical flow is achieved by skillfully integrating different musical instruments and aligning them with a common objective that creates harmony. The product of the balance determines the impact of music on people’s way of life and their ability to understand the issues that influence their focus towards different issues affecting them in their surroundings.

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