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Multisensory Speech Perception | Get Homework Help Online

Multisensory speech is the expression of feelings and thoughts through senses that communicate to the brain. The communication is conveyed through four primary pathways. The pathways include auditory, which is the sense of hearing, visual – the faculties of sight, tactile – the faculties of touch, and kinesthetic – which is achieved by the movement of the body. Multisensory speech is highly significant for children with autism by incorporating all the pathways since children have different learning strengths (Okada, Venezia, Matchin, Saberi, & Hickok, 2013). Multisensory speech ensures that information is presented in various modalities, which enables listeners to learn effectively.

The delivery of multisensory speech stimulates the brain and engages listeners more, increasing their understanding of the subject matter. Multisensory speech lures children in paying more attention, thus minimizing difficulties in learning. The use of senses creates lasting impacts, thus improving memory skills on the children and fosters the internalization of communication made (Okada et al., 2013). Overtime, multisensory speech has reduced cognitive limitations enabling children to think, understand, identify, and perceive vital knowledge. Greater connection to old and new information is created through the use of these senses, thus enhancing cognition.

Multisensory speech stimulates the use of nonverbal skills in solving problems. Children can use the senses that they are more familiar with and comfortable when learning. The speech is highly recommended since it caters to many children and meets their varying needs all in one session (Okada et al., 2013). In many areas, multisensory speech has significantly improved the attitude toward learning by transferring information in relatable and engaging ways. Although multisensory is highly effective, the speech is faced with challenges such as the lack of well-trained professionals to deliver information. Also, some information is difficult to associate and deliver with particular senses.

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