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Multiple Intelligences | Research Paper Writing Help

Importance of multiple intelligences

The concept of multiple intelligences is significant as it empowers learners to recognize the diverse modalities of learning as opposed to perceiving intelligence as dominated by a singular general ability. The concept expands individuals’ horizon of available learning and training tools beyond the conventional logical and linguistic learning modalities. Instructors gain a pragmatic approach on how to define intelligence and understand their learners’ capabilities to aid them in learning. Further, instructors are enabled to train learners with diverse talents. The concept also provides variables significant in   shaping their students priorities, choices and interests. For example, adult learners can utilize multiple intelligence models to enhance their lives through assessing potentials that were never developed. Self-development programs that utilize the theory alongside native intelligences have enhanced personal perceptions and learning.

Types of intelligences

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Logical-mathematical intelligence involves deductive reasoning and employing logical thought processes especially by individuals who enjoy numerical or logical patterns .Individuals with this intelligence excel in computer programming.

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

The intelligence is evident among individuals who excel in languages and have a higher reading rate. Such individuals easily learn new languages and are excellent interpreters of a language. They are also excellent speakers .An increase in verbal-linguistic intelligence is positively linked to grammar.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence involves the utilization of the body to express ideas, emotions and feelings. Individuals with this intelligence use physical activities and exercises to aid in the learning process. Those who regularly engage in sports activities possess greater levels of this intelligence.

Visual-spatial intelligence

It is the capacity to view the visual world with accuracy, to perform modifications upon one’s initial perspectives, and be capable of re-inventing aspects of visual experiences. Individuals with this intelligence thrive in fields such as arithmetic, science and engineering (Šafranj & Zivlak, 2018). These individuals are capable of making connections with the use of mental maps. Spatial intelligence persons utilize the knowledge acquired in applicable situations. They also posses the ability to perceive objects from different angles.

Use of Intelligences in nursing practice

The nursing profession involves activities such as unit budgets and medication dosages, and working with computers. Nurses require logical mathematical intelligence in programming and management of financial related issues. This intelligence has been significant in my critical thinking and problem-solving skills whereby I have been able to make assessments of cause and effect relationships.

Nurse professionals are required to document everything engaged in during the course of a day and provide a report to the next shift. Therefore, it is crucial that they integrate verbal-linguistic intelligence. To communicate and interact effectively with patients and colleagues, I have required this intelligence.

Positive impact of using intelligences

The use of multiple intelligences is important to the experienced nurse because his or her students are likely to listen when they receive information from him or her, the authoritative source. The learner also benefits because they are likely to grasp concepts and remember the information presented. As a student, I realized that I easily grasped concepts and remembered them when the MI theory was applied.

With the use of the multiple intelligences concept, the experienced nurse is not required to regularly assess whether the learners are attentive. Learners’ cognitive and affective abilities are likely to be enhanced (Dolati & Tahriri 2017). For example, as a nurse student, I benefited from the concept because it encouraged me to be more accountable and to independently apply the knowledge gained, and engage in experimental learning.

Negative impact of using intelligences

It may difficult for experienced nurses to tailor lessons particularly to nurse students various intelligences, considering that they may be quite a number. Moreover, the process of identifying the students with particular intelligences may be quite demanding. For example, I identified during my nursing practice that experienced nurses had to be mindful when planning the lessons to meet each student’s needs and strengths.

An experienced nurse’s individual and professional capabilities may pose a challenge in the implementation of the multiple intelligence based planning and instruction. Several experienced nurses may lack the clear definition of intelligences. This may resort to some of them assuming that intelligences are similar to talents or abilities. Consequently, students may be categorized in the wrong intelligence. For example, as a student nurse I possessed two dominant intelligences including Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence and emotional intelligence, it was difficult for the experienced nurse to distinguish which of the two I was more proficient in.

How to improve the learning process using intelligences

Using the multiple intelligence theory, the experienced nurse can work together with his or her students to devise interventions that emphasize all the eight intelligences. The experienced nurse should ensure that he targets supportive and developmental relationships with his students and is sympathetic to their beliefs, attitudes and values. The experienced nurses should work hard to prepare the MI program.

The parameters of the study of MI should be applied throughout the study, however each experienced nurse should decide what is appropriate for their learners (Suprapto, Liu, & Ku, 2017). The use of conversations, logical thinking and reflection, and asking questions should be emphasized to nurture logical-mathematical, linguistic, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences. Interventions that advocate for a more experiential approach to learning, should also be emphasized to nurture the spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, and naturalist intelligences.

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