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Multiculturalism and Intersectionality | Best Assignment Help Online

  1. Review the NASW and apply the impact of two standards to either an individual family member or to the entire family. Use multicultural theoretical perspectives to identify the issues and evidence-based interventions for working with this area of concern.

Standard 2. Self-Awareness denotes that a social worker establishes an understanding of other beliefs and not only their own culture, and the social worker has the knowledge of their own authority and freedom (National Association of Social Workers, 2003). The family is tangled in the judicial system and they are involved with the family services department. Minorities find the courts, family services and the legal systems as domineering and as a result, empowerment and activism by social workers in support of the Campbell family can be considered a significant subject. For instance, numerous persons of color are subjected to micro aggression. This involves the standard assaults on the casualty’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith, or an amalgamation of the various variables. An instance of a racial micro aggression can be when an individual color is beleaguered for ethnic profiling.

Standard 6.Empowerment and Advocacy Social workers must be mindful of the effect of social structures, policies, practices, and programs on multiracial client populaces, supporting for, with, and on behalf of multiracial clienteles and clientele populaces when applicable (National Association of Social Workers, 2003). Social workers ought to likewise take part in the growth and application of strategies and practices that galvanize and support sidelined and oppressed populaces. Interpretation Culturally proficient social workers must be conscious of and begin confronting and changing the damaging impacts of various aspects (National Association of Social Workers, 2003).  For instance, prejudice, qualms, and creeds, discrimination, chauvinism, ethnocentrism, heterosexism, homophobia, cissexism, ageism, ableism, xenophobia, and classism.

In a psychodynamic standpoint, ego defenses are deemed subliminal defenses that we inadvertently utilized to manage apprehension and risks and as a mode of fortification, regulation, and resolving conflicts. Psychodynamic intercession would benefit the whole family ascertaining ways parents integrate past relations with their parents into their contemporary nurturing, and children response would be advantageous (Thompson & Stepney, 2017). Psychodynamic theory may be similarly advantageous, since it aids the family’s understanding and self-awareness of their psychological health and mental health’s impact as well as their kids’ childhood development. Psychodynamic therapy delineates individual’s conduct and approaches as grown-ups rooted in childhood experiences. The emphasis is placed on patterns so the household can turn out to be more conscious of how past experiences and the insentient mind bears an impact on present-day life.

  1. Clearly identify the intersectionality (race, class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, gender identity, etc.) of one family member and the impact on their behavior, choices, and current perspectives as it relates to their experiences. Identify evidence-based interventions for this area of concern from a social work perspective and explain why you selected them.

Intersectionality is a structure of hypothesizing an individual, group of people, or social challenge as impacted by certain discernments and shortcomings. It takes into account individuals’ overlying characteristics and experiences to comprehend the intricacy of predispositions faced (Thompson & Stepney, 2017). Kali intersectionality consist of her gender, sexual recognition as a lesbian, and the challenges arising with her mother, Native American and socio-economic rank, her acting out at her learning institution and her substance abuse, her mother’s heavy drinking, and her dad’s absenteeism from home. Kali is residing in a little-town with a populace of less than 1000 people.

Kali will engage with a psychotherapist in Cognitive Behavioral therapy to manage biased thought and emotional charged conducts while employing cognitive reformation. This is with an aim of assisting them in the course of substituting cognitive misrepresentations with opinions that are more precise and beneficial. According to Thompson and Stepney (2017), Cognitive Behavioral rehabilitation will be composed of two fundamental phases. Foremost, ascertaining the opinions or views that are prompting the distressing sentiment. Second, assessing them for their precision and effectiveness using lucidity and proof. If warranted, transforming or interchanging the opinions with ones that are more precise and advantageous. CBT will be assimilated in such a manner that will impart knowledge on Kali based on ways of recognizing common thought distortions that hamper their capability to clearly think.

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