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Mr. M Case Study | Assignment Help Online

The case study revolves around Mr. M, a seventy-year-old man residing in an assisted living facility. However, in the last two months, his health condition has been seen to deteriorate, therefore necessitating urgent testing. Regarding the lab outcomes, Mr. M. was diagnosed with high blood pressure, a significant quantity of lymphocytes and blood cells that impact his well-being. Moreover, he is seen to have trouble remembering the members of his family. As a result, a home-based caregiver is considered as the most appropriate intervention to conduct his daily activities.

Clinical Manifestation

Founded on the objective information offered, crucial indications are within the standard limits with a significant focus on heart rate beyond 90 and respiratory level of 22. Nonetheless, Mr. M is believed to have a cognitive deterioration in the last two months with an increase in amnesia, increased agitation, aggressiveness, and fear. Moreover, one may significantly note that Mr. M’s physical aspects deteriorated rapidly in the aftermath of the surgery, leading to a high dependency on activity daily living. As the laboratory tests were collected, white blood count and lymphocytes are unusually extraordinary, with urine analysis turning out to be confirmed for a limited quantity of leukocytes and cloudy, with normal protein, ALT, and AST quantities.


Primary and Secondary Medical Diagnoses considered for Mr. M.

A fundamental medical analysis considered for Mr. M is the sepsis secondary to the UTI regarding the clinical manifestations. Because of the critical signs, with tachycardia, heartbeat greater than 90), a respiratory rate greater than 20, and higher white blood counts and lymphocytes dignify, signifies there is an infection. As a result of the abnormalities, Mr. M. is viewed as being placed in systematic inflammatory response syndrome criteria as he meets two or more of the criteria. The high white blood count and positive urine analysis for a temperate quantity of leukocytes and cloudy indicate that Mr. M may be ailing from a urinary tract infection. Therefore, the appropriate primary medical diagnosis would be sepsis secondary to urinary tract infection.

The secondary medical diagnosis considered for Mr. M would be Alzheimer’s disease early onset. Regarding Mr. M’s indications of being forgetful, it might be an indicator of memory loss as he is increasingly agitated, fearful, being aggressive, and failing to recall family members’ names. All these symptoms indicate the early onset of AD (Robinson Wayne & Segal, 2019). Although it is delicate since Mr. M might have an infection instigating the misperception and amnesia, there are additional indicators symbolic of AD’s early start. Also, persons ailing from AD are believed to have difficulty regulating the bladder, therefore growing the threat of contamination. This justifies a tract infection.


Expected Abnormalities

There are several abnormalities that a health practitioner may be expected to find during an assessment. The abnormalities would be linked to the provided medical assessments such as pain while urinating, foul-smelling urine, accidents, high urination frequency, and discomfort. Moreover, a nurse might take note of mental decline, presenting confusion or deteriorating dementia. This is evident as Mr. M repeatedly asks questions regarding his location and might also be incapable of stating an individual’s history when required to do so. The nurse is also likely to notice of conditions such as tachypnea and tachycardia. Incontinence might be indicated due to Mr. M’s age and is a sign of Alzheimer’s disease. Generalized weakness may be considered an indicator of advancement in Alzheimer’s disorder. The indicators are incapable of dressing, bathing, and independently feeding.

Physical, Psychological, and emotional effects


With the signs linked to AD, Mr. M might exhibit undesirable physical, psychological, and emotional effects.  Mr. M.’s existing health condition is likely to impact his relationship significantly, particularly with his household. Physically, Mr. M has already presented physical weakening with ADL dependency in showering, wearing, and eating. According to Perry Potter and Ostendorf (2015), with constant deterioration in rational, behavior, and social abilities, dementia interrupts an individual’s capability to function independently. In regards to psychological and emotive impacts, Li et al. (2014) emphasize that dejection, violence, and obsession are essential aspects of AD. Violence, nervousness, and anxiety are eminent with Mr. M’s indicators openly relating and justifying with AZ diagnosis.

Because of these impacts being directly linked to AD, Mr. M’s health projection is weak. As the physical, psychological, and emotional effects are eminent with Mr. M’s status, one might identify his family’s significant impact. Mr. M’s household might experience caregiver straining from viewing his health deteriorate. Furthermore, the psychosocial aspect of Mr. M’s household is significantly influenced. It places substantial monetary, expressive, and mental pressure or burden on Mr. M’s family as they might be astounded and distressed with the status. They are likely to experience more significant nervousness, dejection, and diminished quality of life.


Interventions to Support Mr. M and His Family

There are numerous interventions to aid Mr. M with AD. The interventions may comprise regular familiarizing with environments, closely observing to avert any damages, plainly interacting with the patient, and inhibiting underhandedness. This is aimed at avoiding delusional thoughts that may lead to anxiety, violence, and fear. Home-based nurses may also provide physical healing and work-related rehabilitation to retain physical potency to foster ADLs’ self-reliance. For Mr. M’s household, as Mr. M’s disorder significantly influences the family’s psychosocial facet. Grabher (2018) identifies the need for emotional assistance and sources for mental care and recognizes the family caregiver association as an essential organization that comprehends data, resources, and even backs acquaintances.

Also, it’s significant to remind the family to always offer love and compassion to individuals ailing from Alzheimer’s disease to remain healthy and contented. Despite being considered an extended, demanding, and emotional journey, it’s vital to caution family members and identifies the prospects as the illness develops. Also, they should offer data on support groups, home-based assistance, and adult day-care. So caregivers are further aware of the sources made accessible for them, intended likewise to sustain the family members.


Four actual or potential problems He faces

With Mr. M’s status, the infection is likely to deteriorate and possibly lead to multiple organs’ failure if the disease is not regulated on time. One of the actual difficulties that Mr.M experiences founded on his existing disorder comprises of memory issues. The patient has a problem of recalling things that creates misunderstanding, nervousness, and disturbance. The second matter is the execution of daily undertakings of wearing, eating, or taking a shower, requiring help. It is apparent from the existing dependency he bears Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The third challenge faced is adherence to treatments. Because the patient suffers from memory loss, he will need help to take medication effectively. Lastly, a probable challenge he is likely to face is dejection. It may be instigated by the high levels of anxiety he is presently facing.

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