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Moses and the gods of Egypt Essay | Religion Homework Help

Davis, John James. Moses and the Gods of Egypt: Studies in the Book of Exodus. BMH Books, 1986.

Author’s Background

John J. Davis is an accomplished author on a wide range of religious topics that affect the perspectives of individuals towards life. In the world today, Davis has inspired many people through his objective writing style that clarifies many issues concerning the scope of individuals on issues affecting them. Davis is a professor emeritus at Grace College and its affiliate theological institution in Winona Lake, Indiana. In his role as a religious writer, Davis has played a critical role in defining the perspectives of people towards religion. In his writing contribution to the spread of information around the globe, Davis has demonstrated the significance of approaching religion with a liberal mindset that allows one to learn about their unique abilities and other aspects that focus on elaborating various issues that define the nature of interactions with other counterparts in their surroundings. Having organized more than ten religious’ expeditions to Israel and Jordan, Davis has exposed believers to opportunities that provoked their thought process.

Scope of the Book

In this literary resource, Davis takes a different approach that focuses on highlighting the various struggles, which affect the growth and development of individuals in their surroundings. By recognizing the measures that affect the focus of many people in life, Davis offers various insights that provoke the reader by challenging their belief and value system towards life. The Book of Exodus in the Bible demonstrates the relationship between God and his people, where characters in the Biblical accounts are portrayed as doubtful because of the impact of challenges affecting them in their surroundings (Davis). Usually, the Book of Exodus captures the role of Moses in executing the will of God by saving the Israelites from the bondage approved by the Egyptian rulers. Regardless of their sinful nature, God uses Moses to deliver safe passage from Egypt to the promised land, an aspect that defines the image of God. Based on the approaches that affect individual growth and development, Davis offers an in-depth analysis that highlights the measures that can be used to enhance the general understanding of his identity.

Evaluation of the Author’s Organization, Research, Style, and Objectivity

Davis’s approach demonstrates his understanding of the many undertones that affect people’s focus on religion. By taking a deep focus on the Book of Exodus, Davis organizes his ideas into a chain of thoughts that respond to concerns held by individuals. He uses maps, drawings, and graphs to explain his school of thought that connects individuals to the truth about God’s image in his people. By reserving the issues that affect the perspectives held by non-believers concerning the techniques, God uses to resolve issues, the Book of Exodus is a clear manifestation of His focus towards humanity. By tapping into his experience garnered from his interactions with community groups in Israel and Jordan, Davies demystifies various arguments that hinder individuals from addressing emerging issues in their surroundings. From this perspective, Davis’s style of writing portrays him as a careful scholar who puts into consideration the different views held by individuals in their surroundings. However, by ignoring his emotions and opinions towards the Book of Exodus, Davis emerges as an objective writer who offers viable solutions to problems affecting individuals in their immediate environment.

Critical Assessment of the Book

Reading the book enables one to connect the dots that develop when interacting with ideas and arguments raised in the Book of Exodus. Davis develops a unique approach that addresses any aspects that affect the interaction of individuals in their surroundings. However, one is advised to connect with the views discussed at the Bible before exploring Davis’s book to get the bigger picture that captures people’s thoughts and their focus on aspects affecting their interaction with people in their immediate environment. Considering the measures that are used to focus on the behavior of individuals in their surroundings, the views raised by Davis in his book offer potent insights that incorporate the actions that should be adopted in the world today. Davis acts as an inspiration who challenges people to ignore any components that interfere with their thought process in contemporary society. By highlighting the aspects that resolve issues affecting people’s perspectives, Davis emerges as a voice of reason in a changing environment that needs a sense of direction to rise above the modern challenges.

Reviewer’s Recommendation

Davis’s literary material convinces individuals about the need to focus on understanding the nature of God before seeking to question the outcomes taking place in their surroundings. On many occasions, individuals are challenged to review their behavior and match it with the societal expectations that drove them apart from the glory of God. In this regard, Davis offers a friendly approach that demonstrates the techniques people should use to pursue the image of God. Even though one cannot show his or her connection with God, understanding the different issues that limit people from overcoming challenges in their surroundings is essential. By relieving the memories, people should discover the nature of approaches that should be used to define the appropriate measures that the church and other institutions can embrace to enhance individual lifestyles.

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