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Mongols and their Impact on Crusader Levant and Islam

Analysis of the Mongols

Mongols were an ethnic native group that conquered the European and Asian regions. They emerged from the Mongolian Plateau, where they shared a common language and tradition. Mongolians spread into the Chinese, Mongolian, and Russian communities from their native land. Its impact on the Asian and European regions remains one of the historical occurrences. It is deemed the greatest catastrophe in the history of the Islam civilization (Islam, 2016). The conquest is linked to the inherent strength of the Mongolian community and the incompetence of the targeted segments. Crusader Levant and Islam exist as key segments that the Mongolian overtook in ancient times, leading to improved economic and social processes due to improved relations with other communities. However, they also led to the destruction of animals, properties, and lives with their swift attacks. Thus, the Mongol conquest had a positive and damaging impact on the Crusader Levant and Islam populations.

Impact on Crusader Levant and Islam

The Mongol conquest benefited Crusader Levant and Islam from increased unity. After settling in the Asian and European regions, Mongols ensured that they introduced new and improved ways of handling various perspectives. After settling in these areas, they slowly became assimilated into the Islam religion. They took control and united communities. Mongols had irresistible and indomitable power out of control of the Muslims and other targeted groups (Islam, 2016). Thus, they took control of the two regions to introduce unity. However, they also led to massive destruction of lives, properties, and animals. This affected the welfare of the Asian and European regions. Mongols had access to tactics and technologies that transformed classical warfare (Carey, Allfree & Crains, 2006). These facilitated the conquest since these attackers had access to advanced war systems and structures. They desired to achieve territorial conquest. Overall, Mongols interfered with the policies of the Asian and European segments because they depopulated these communities.

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