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Module 3 Discussion

From the podcast, it is apparent that Dr. Pachirat, who was the interviewee used observation as the method of study. This style helped him to comprehend the topic of study, and details involving the slaughter industry and the labor violations that took place, where he was a witness and noted a lot of crucial details regarding the violation. Β His method was qualitative research, based on the concepts and style used. As a result of his observation method, Dr. Pachirat, in the interview is comprehensive and detailed, a factor that makes the interviewer and the podcast listener comprehend several issues, which the doctor had observed in the Great Plains slaughterhouse.

This research study fits the description of a qualitative study since it entails the collection and analysis of data that was conducted from a slaughterhouse. From the podcast, the respondent helps the listeners and the interview understand the opinion, concept, and experiences at the slaughterhouse. He comprehensively narrates his experiences and shares his thoughts about the practices at the slaughterhouse.Β  Through the study, he gives an in-depth insight into the problem experienced and also helps in future studies and relevant bodies to have a glimpse of the problem and constantly develop solutions to tackle them.

The advantage of the observation method used by Pachirat is the fact that he acquired first-hand information, where he was able to witness the happenings at the slaughterhouse. It was also an important method since it helped him see the unexpected things around him, which helped in satisfying his curiosity on the issue. As a result of his research methods, he was able to address the issue comprehensibly in the interview based on his observation.Β  By using observation for the research, his information is more credible and reliable for use by the public and scholars interested in the subject matter.

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