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Modern Media and Nursing | Online assignment Help

How Anthropologists Study Modern Media

Anthropologists study modern media through the use of various methods including photovoice, digital and social media approaches. Photovoice allows participants to develop representations of their lives and become involved in the research process. Portable recording technologies enable local communities to incorporate media for cultural expression. Anthropologists use such media to instigate local communities’ participation in revealing the legislative, political and environmental accounts that threaten their culture. Anthropologists are enabled to conduct research across diverse locations through the use of the internet. Media anthropologists utilizing social media and digital platforms have developed strategies for anonymizing selected respondents. For instance, they may employ the fabrication technique that entails the collection of data, its aggregation and fabrication prior to determining relevant subject matters concerning the research.

Ways Nurses Do or Could Use Modern Media Professionally

Nurses can also use modern media to retrieve information from various individuals. To illustrate, nurses and patients can utilize various social media applications to enhance individual health status. They can use applications on physical activity and healthy eating to track patients’ health status. They may also use such platforms to obtain vital information such as patients’ reproductive and sexual health as long as data confidentiality is maintained. In clinical practice, nurses can use the internet and social media platforms to access instructive resources and skills to promote skill advancement (O’Connor, 2017).With such instruction, nurses can develop local networks and communities of practice. Further, through the integration of modern media, mentoring can be facilitated whereby nurse managers can mentor the newly-recruited nurses. Nurses working in administration may benefit from modern media by connecting and exchanging information with nurses form different organizations.

How I Could Use Modern Media Professionally

I can use modern media to retrieve educational materials to further develop my skillfulness and expertise. I can also use the media to obtain information from patients, especially about challenging issues they may be unwilling to share. I can utilize the media to connect with other nurses so that we can exchange information and ideas. I can integrate photovoice during my research to collect first-hand information through observation and with the use of social media I can create the probability of examining health; in turn, enabling data collection. I can further utilize platforms such as Twitter in the dissemination of my research findings .I can use portable recording technologies to increase respondents’ involvement in the project, to store information and retrieve it when required.

Potential Benefits of the Use of Modern Media

Potential benefits of modern media within the nursing profession may include: the ability to encourage skill development. As aforementioned, nurses can utilize modern media to access educative resources, and in turn, develop skills. Modern media such as photovoice and recording technologies can be utilized in research projects for data collection purposes. Nurses can also use modern media to interact with other nursing professionals to expand their knowledge and proficiency. With the use of modern media, nurses can improve patients’ health status by facilitating communication, even about challenging topics.


Potential Drawbacks

The use modern media may however, have various drawbacks constituting, potential harm to nurses and data compromise. The information shared through various social media sites may prompt negative societal attitudes. For instance, dieting websites may damage several patients’ self-image, and addictive behaviors may negatively impact mental health and productivity. Hacking may interfere with the confidentiality of data collected .This may impede respondents from sharing information due to fear that information may be hacked and distributed.

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