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Mock Interview

Abortion is a very contentious topic, where there are both proponents and opponents of why it should or should not be banned. The interviewee and I had differing points on the topic, where I believe that abortions should be made legal, while he was of the opinion that they should be banned. The reason why he proposes for banning abortion is first that he was of the view that no one has the right to take away human life. He stated that terminating a pregnancy would be an infringement of an unborn baby’s rights to life. He also argued that other options, such as adoption or foster care, which a mother would choose rather than abortion. He gave a third reason for supporting the abortion ban to be because it was morally wrong along religious grounds. As a staunch Christian, he believed that life is sacred and begins at conception and hence should be protected.

On the contrary, my viewpoint on the issue was that a person has the right to make a choice on the unborn baby. I also argued that banning abortion is condemning a woman to die. This is since many cases of women across the world die from complications related to unsafe abortion.

The reason for discussing this sensitive topic was as a result of our contrasting views, where the interviewee agreed to discuss the topic to convince me to support his opinion on the same.  From the interview, it is apparent that to make an effective human service professional, various aspects ought to be considered  (Gitlin, Kolanowski, & Lyons, 2020).  A person first needs to be an active listener in order to communicate effectively. Secondly, emotional intelligence is critical to have high levels of self-awareness, sensitivity, and empathy towards others  (Columbia ABA, 2017). Other elements include sensitivity, ability to bond with people, and strength of character.

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