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Migration and Immigration Essay Paper | Assignment Help Website

The desire to migrate is intrinsic to human nature. Humans are generally inclined to wander in search of new prospects. In modern times, the United States has an increasingly large number of immigrants. Therefore, it is necessary to review the experiences of immigrants and their influence on the country’s economy. Migrants are required to adapt to new cultures fast and, therefore, they are forced to assume distinct identities so that they can assimilate into the rest of the population. The general assumption is that most immigrants are illiterate and they are solely in search of labor. Nevertheless, current migration trends provide insights into the migration issue.

For this study, I interviewed an immigrant of Hispanic decency to determine his perception regarding the acculturation process in the US. The dialogue in this research relies on oral history performed on one person. The interviewee was a twenty-nine-year-old man named Carlos from Mexico. While living in his country, Carlos had attained a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Statistics from one of the most influential universities in Mexico. Carlos was fluent in English since he began learning the language from an early age. He aspired to pursue his studies in a developed nation that was close to home. His family and friends also motivated him to search for better prospects and advance his education in the USA. Additionally, other factors may compel immigrants to shift to other nations. The macro-factors comprise of demographic, socio-economic, environmental and political reasons. Limited human and financial development in the origin country compel individuals to migrate. Moreover, urbanization and demographic increase are significant in prompting the migration process. An increase in population with the lack of employment opportunities in a country influences young individual to migrate to other nations with more opportunities. Climate changes are increasingly varying across the globe leading to warmer conditions, causing unwanted effects and health inequalities (Castelli 4). The ecology may impact migration flows through increasing the probability of hazards in an area. The rise in conflicts may prompt individuals to shift to safer locations. These factors force individuals to migrate either internationally or internally. Other influencing factors constitute communication advancements and job opportunities. Communication technology influences individuals’ migration since it attracts individuals by creating awareness about the suitable conditions in another nation. Migrants from developing nations target to visit the more developed nations. The micro-factors such as education, marital status and religion also have a crucial role to migration on an individual basis. Carlos’ decision to migrate was motivated by his individual goals in addition to the support from his family and friends. He intended to study and become a Finance manager, then later go back to his country to help his people.

Carlos was most certain that he would easily adjust to the new environment. He had been exposed to the American culture through media. Nevertheless, the actual situation was quite different from what he had anticipated. He experienced cultural shock. The media representations and the actual situation were very dissimilar from what he saw. For instance, he thought that he would see many cities with suburbs, but this was not the case as his current residence is within a small town. Even though, Carlos can communicate effectively in the English language, he encounters challenges when speaking with local residents due to their varying accents. A number of times, he would experience racial discrimination. He also had challenges with securing employment. He asserted that, on numerous instances, he would be judged to have inadequate skills. Even when he secured employment, he was exploited by being overloaded with work and would work for additional time. Similar to Carlos’ experiences, there are other challenges that migrants and immigrants experience including cultural barriers which may impede the association between migrants and locals (Almutairi 691). Securing accommodation is a significant challenge for migrants as some landlords take advantage of the fact that most migrants have language barriers thus, they may demand additional fees for rent (Oucho, Adhiambo, and Williams 6). The migrants are also likely to acquire conditions influenced by western lifestyles such as obesity.

After Carlos had fully adapted to the new environment, he made acquaintances who aided in providing him with information on how he could secure employment in line with the course he pursued. Fortunately, he did not wait long because within three months, he became a financial assistant in a renowned corporation. Carlos further pursued higher learning and was promoted to the financial manager position. He currently motivates high school students, especially those who are migrants to incorporate diligence and persistence in order to succeed. His fluency in the English language enabled him to easily adapt to the American lifestyle. Further, the support he received from his family and friends was significant in his integration into a different society. His academic accomplishments propelled him to get success.

Conclusively, the narrative of Carlos may not be distinct when it comes to migrants and immigrants, but it exemplifies how one’s language, education and community can influence an individual’s immigration experiences. His proficiency in the English language and his education were contributory factors to his complete integration into the American culture.

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