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Mexican-American Groups in California | Homework Helpers

Over the years, there have been numerous cases of racial discrimination and oppression in the United States, more so California State. This has mostly been to the minority communities such as Blacks, Mexican Americans, and other minority groups since the pre-European contact to the 1970s. There have been various classes of people where discrimination has been based on races, class, gender, and sexuality. Since the past, California has a rich history of discrimination. This ranges from deportation of Latinos, the Klu Klux Klan rallies, racially segregated beaches and schools, and restraining clauses in housing. All these occurrences are evidence of how the authorities and white supremacists propagated racial discrimination and segregation in the state over the years.

In the 1930s up to 1930s, there were up to 2 million Mexican and Mexican Americans deported or expelled from the US and taken to Mexico. More than half of the deported Mexicans were born in the US, making them US citizens. One of the most affected by the deportation places was downtown Los Angeles, California state  (Shorette 1). This was a significant act of discrimination by the government, which was profiling persons based on their race without caring about their citizens’ rights. In Los Angeles, California, this was a standard practice by the county social workers. They were mandated by the authorities to give the Mexicans tickets for to travel back to Mexico, where between 1929 and 1944, a third of Mexicans living in LA, California were expelled.

Overcoming Oppression

As a way of overcoming these challenges, many Mexicans found temporary stability in the military work camps, which had been established by the Farm Security Administration (FSA) (Ortiz and Telles 45). Through the camps, the Mexicans were offered food, housing, and security. The camps aimed to provide safe havens for the people, who refused to get deported. Numerous social activist groups fought the rights of these citizens who were discriminated against and segregated due to their racial differences.

Comparisons of the Intersections of Varied Historical Experiences

Over history, there have been many events and cases of discrimination against the minority communities such as the Latino Americans in the US. However, some instances of the scenarios of discrimination are more than others. The mass deportation of Latinos is one of the hugest cases of such events  (Shorette 1). In the most recent times, there have also been cases of racial discrimination against Mexican Americans, where the president has been very vocal about constructing a wall in the border of the US and Mexico to prevent immigration. There have also been constant attacks on Mexicans living in the US most recently.

Current Social Justice Issues Today

This approach in history provides a broad analysis of the instances of discrimination against the US minority communities, which continue to prevail in recent days. The history provides critical information on how such issues have been tackled in most cases. It also helps in having a better understanding of the challenges faced in trying to fight for their rights and freedom. From the approach, it is apparent that fighting against racial profiling and discrimination in the US, is far from over where more measures and policies ought to get introduced to protect the minorities and help them voice their concerns against the discrimination. Understanding the historical injustice also helps in an easier comprehension of the present social justices and learning how to approach such issues.

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