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Meta Commentary on the Book Cover

Creative Intentions

The intention of the book cover design was to make it as simple as busy yet full of a message which relates to the topic of the story. There is the use of dark colors that are in line with the photo of a son and the father. The chosen front picture is a replica of Obama and his father who were both black and also reflect what is ion the content of the book.


The design uses similar fonts, though with different sizes way of differentiating the title, from other information. This makes the reader want to know what the book entails. The main image that the viewer of the book cover will hover see is the image of the photo. This is since, it is a reflection of the content of the book, and without even reading, one can tell that the book is based on the story of a father and his kid. The words Barack Obama are in bold fonts, since a reader may want to buy the book since it is based on the story of a renowned person.


A major discovery from the book is the fact that dark colors can make an impressive poster. I also discovered that book covers can be redone to make more responsiveness.


A discovery from the design is the fact that the minimalistic approach has made the book cover simple, but explicate on the key point.

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