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Memorandum Example For College


to:President Jimmy Carter
subject:What Happened in The Election
date:November 1980

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your memo. I am still coming to terms with the election results because our team worked so hard to push the agenda for American people in the second term. I have been analyzing our election results over the past few days. From our agents in every state, news and intel surrounding the loss and based on the data that I have been able to collect and analyze, I have a few points that I want to put across to you regarding the election and the overall state of the democratic party.

We had prepared for the worst; we knew we were going to get a result but what we got is not what we expected. The election outcome was purely dependent on the economic crisis we are currently facing, oil prices during your presidency tripled, inflation is in the double digits, unemployment rates are above 7% and the interest rates are over 20%[1]. Our foreign policy over the past four years has also come back to haunt us; the way we handled the hostage situation in Iran also led to our poor results, we still have 19 hostages held by Iran. The Soviet Union invasion in Afghanistan is still in the memory of our citizens and also our conservative foreign policy was also to blame. We failed to institute a sweeping program and unifying vision given the economic condition that the country was facing the nation over the past four years. Therefore, our agenda was uninspiring and inept in the eyes of the American people.

Voter apathy was also a big issue. Only 52.4 % of eligible voters voted, the lowest turnout in 3 decades. Out of those who voted, a majority shifted to the right wing. The electoral college also favored our opponent who got 489 votes over our 49 votes. The ex-confederate states we were banking on with the exception of Georgia also went in the favor of our opponents.  We also believed in our moral compass strategy too much. After the Nixon Watergate Scandal, Mr. President, we as a government pushed for the honest good and compassionate government, the electorate chose the other way. The message from the grassroots was that the voters wanted change. The voters also wanted to accelerate the arms race with the Soviet Union while we pressed for disarmament. That hurt us too, we could simply not beat the conservatism wave that we had foreseen coming. The liberal Democrats also let us down; fewer than a third of voters who identified themselves as liberals voted for us, the rest opted to vote for the independent candidate or simply stayed at home.

The democrat party particularly the liberal Democrats also failed us. The fact that we isolated ourselves as outsiders outside the democratic party establishments, distanced ourselves from Washington and Wallstreet was fatal to our course. We never fought in the trenches with fellow Democrats on issues such as Medicare and Medicaid, Vietnam war, Nixon supreme court appointments, Watergate, civil rights legislation and therefore we were viewed as political flukes in our own party. We thought that we could compensate for this by coming up with rational policies to show for our leadership but we failed. On top of that, we did not understand that coming up with these policies was just the beginning. Selling them to the American people required compromises and dirty business. We viewed some of the democratic senators as celebrity lobbyists rather than allies. We turned our backs on influence peddlers and money lenders and the fact that we avoided public meetings with senators for the fear of compromise of our principles and our standoffish attitude towards the Washington society did not help our course either. We never really understood how the system worked, we also didn’t seem to want to learn how it works. We only won in your hometown Georgia, District of Columbia, Massachusetts and West Virginia, Mr. Reagan, on the other hand, made gains in the Southern States which have always been predominantly Democrat and used these states to garner the electoral college[2]. These returns indicate that there have been huge defections among traditional Democrats which has extended over to the Minority groups which you had avidly wooed in the election.

We also never fit in the capital because our leadership style was religious in nature. Our course was more of that of a preacher than that of a politician. As pundits have put it, sir, we positioned you to be a wheeler healer rather than a wheeler-dealer. The fact that your faith gave you a clear conscience proved to be your biggest weakness rather than strength. The only weapon you seemed to have according to analysts was the proposition that you were an honest and decent man whose instincts were thought to be more beneficial for America than those of your opponent.

However, based on the detailed data my team was able to collect, the failure to clinch this election was entirely not entirely your fault. They were as a result of external factors that spilled over from the previous regime or the current happenings at the time. For example, the inflation was as a result of oil pricing, the prolonged Iranian hostages’ situation and the failed rescue attempt did also paint your presidency in a bad picture. The economy also was stagnant during your tenure and has worsened considerably. The energy crisis had reached critical levels, social contradictions had also intensified, international tensions were at record levels. All these external factors indicated the country’s monopoly on capitalism was declining. Generally, the public lost faith in statist liberalism because the federal government could not offer some of the solutions to the citizens’ problems. The country was disappointed on the economic troubles and the belief that the foreign policy approaches our administration was having in place had made the US a laughing stock. This was as a result of the failure to rescue the Iranian hostages and failure to negotiate for their release and being held ransom by Iran who used the election to their advantage.

I would also like to be candid and point out personal failures on your side. You never had a base in the Blues party, you also had very few friends in government which made it difficult to advance your agenda. Despite your high intelligence sir, I believe based on the interviews I have conducted with top officials of your administration that you had a vengeance streak that could surface frequently and sometimes antagonized people. Your attention to detail also meant you could not articulate a public policy that was coherent ether foreign or domestic. You also did make extravagant promises during your campaign four years ago that you did not keep and could not have kept in the first place. There are some circumstances also Mr. President where you exhibited some bad taste, an example being the Montezuma revenge joke in Mexico City.

We cannot ignore the role the media played in this election. The reporters who helped propel your political career from political unknown as a peanut farmer to the White House turned on you after you took office. Your citizen president acts were portrayed as a public relations moves for the fun of it. By 1980, the press was totally against you and made a mockery over your morals. The media also kept reminding the public the fate of the Iranian captives on a daily pointing a failure in our ability to secure their release.

Mr. President, you also secured a very small portion of support from the organized labor, most of the liberals were flocking to Ted Kennedy’s party. In fact, Mr. Reagan managed to attract heavy support from the Trade Union than any other Republican has done before him. He got over 40% of their votes in the polls. Even the women felt betrayed by your lukewarm support of the Equal Rights Amendment to legalize abortion, your failure to mention your plan for women in the economic stimulus package. Your religious beliefs caused mistrust among feminists. Even though you appointed more women to federal agencies than any other president in history, liberals and feminists distrusted you.

Finally, we as your campaign team also let you down. We let you become just another politician in the eyes of the voter. We knew this problem would arise but we reacted to it in the wrong way. We chose to make your character the main issue of the campaign while ignoring the issues at hand such as the current economic downturn and the Iran hostage situation. We failed to account for your opponent’s demeanor and brushed him off as another Hollywood celebrity with little knowledge on policy issues. We made the mistake of assuming that we could run the replica of the 1976 election and we failed, so from my team, we sincerely apologize for letting you down.


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