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SUBJECT: A Brief Overview of my Selected Topic

Following your directive in the classroom discussion and our conversation at your office, my preferred topic for the white paper is, “Embracing the Internet of Things (IOT) to Enhance Performance.” I have selected this topic because of its role in the modern corporate world and impact on different activities that affect the lifestyles of individuals in their immediate environment. I will address its benefits to different stakeholders in the corporate world and outline its significance in enabling organizations to adapt to the fast-changing times. My target audience involves corporate executives, suppliers, and consumers.

Many organizations are now relying on digital innovations to spearhead developments that provide them with an edge over their competitors in the business environment. While overcoming competition might seem to be the only objective, providing consumers with cutting-edge products and solutions that address problems affecting their lifestyles is critical. In the same vein, overcoming issues that hinder productivity in the workplace and the overall attitude of individuals can be realized through incorporating the internet of things in the corporate world. Besides performance, exposing consumers to an enabling environment where they can accomplish their desired objectives is an outcome that can be achieved through embracing IoT.

Having identified my target audience, I will dedicate a lot of time to research to identify different approaches modern corporations can embrace the IoT and benefit from the technological advancement. Besides offering solutions to modern problems, the white paper is aligned to market practices and will evaluate existing measures that have been undertaken by corporations to overcome issues, which hinder their productivity. From this perspective, my white paper will contain a series of options and criticism to defunct technological innovations, which affect company operations and performance in the corporate world.

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