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TO: Mayor of New York City


DATE: April 20, 2022

SUBJECT: Intent to Move To New York City

Our company is considering moving from its current location to New York City. The company is known for making massive sales, hence generating significant revenues and profits margins. Consequently, it offers many employment opportunities for people in various fields. It is also a tax complaint firm, where since its launch, it has consistently filed tax returns and is acquiescent with all the laws and regulations of the state and the country. New York City is known for having local taxes, which protects future generations residents. The company is willing to comply with this requirement and work with the state by engaging in matters of tax payments.

The company understands that tax laws are very crucial as a way of keeping the system working for all. Through paying the taxes, the company will ensure it will play a role in supporting programs and services, which will improve the lives of the local population. There will be, however, a need for the mayor to negotiate with the company on tax regulations as a way of ensuring that the company has a smooth entry plan to the city. This may include tax breaks to minimize the tax rates and enact policies that will favor the operations of the company. The city will also need to keep the tax rates at a reasonable level, as a way of encouraging the development of the firm. By having modest tax rates, the firm will contribute to economic growth and employment within the city. Through negotiation, it will relatively be easier for the launch of the company, where it will continue to engage the local communities through multiple corporate social responsibility activities.

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