Memo – Network Setup

To: Grey Fredrick

Grey’s Com & Tech Company,


Los Angeles, CA.





Dear Grey,




This memo addresses the selected type of typology that has been recommended to be used in setting up the company’s network.

The use of a star typology will be the best network setup ensuring that the four hosts in each subnet function efficient. Star typology is recommended due to its effective management of data traffic among the users. In case of breakdown of one host it will not culminate in a subsequent effect on others. Each subnet will provide continues flow of data and direct connection to the company servers to provide temporary connection to the company networks in case of its dysfunctionality.

The use of regular password updates will be necessary to ensure all users maintain the maximum protection of the network. The use of encryption keys from end-to-end users will be vital to strengthen the security of the network systems. Higher security clearance levels will require additional security features such as fingerprints verification and company provided devices to gain administrative access privileges to the company’s network.


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