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Medea Observation and Reflection Paper | College Homework Helpers

Part A: Observation and Reporting


The relationship between the characters in the first video seems complicated. Tension is notable between Medea and Jason, bot in their dialogue and their non-verbal communication and facial expressions. Their tone and inflection show the difficult emotions that they are experiencing. Jason yells a lot and Medea whispers in response. Also, when their argument becomes heated, they move further away from each other, only coming closer to each other when they calm down.

In the second video, Medea seems to have gotten over Jason. She is lamenting while alone. Se also has characters that are seemingly worshipping her. Upon the arrival of Jason, she decides not to listen to him, making stern movements and yelling at him.


The scene of the first video takes place outside on a concrete or stone surface. There are pillars and stairs in the scene and the light is dim. We see Medea, the nurse, and other women talking in a group on the staircase. Jason arrives with his soldiers later, and Medea moves to the other side of the stage while the women gather together in a group. Medea’s clothes stand out from the stage and the other women, as she wears bright clothes. Jason also stands out in his armored wear.

The second video begins with a dark stage that has light shining on Medea. Strange people are moving in a circular motion around her. There are chairs and stones on the stage, and Medea wears decorated clothes. Music plays in the background as the characters move around Medea dancing and chanting. Jason arrives and the music stops. Everyone exits the stage and Jason is left with Medea. He wears armor, portraying his status.


The first video shows a dialogue between Medea and Jason. Medea’s heavy breathing and panting can also be heard when she gets worked up and angry.

In the second video, the sound of music can be heard. There is also a lot of chanting and dialogue begins when Jason arrives. The music in the scene sounds creepy and the chanting is done in deep voices. When Jason arrives, the music and chanting stop, creating tension.

First video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdtDeZZ4RPk&amp=&t=1563s

Second video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQXkmRYag94&amp=&t=2s

Part B. Reflection

Both videos are intriguing and interesting in various ways. Overall, I found the first video having a stronger impact or evoking stronger emotions. The characters, Medea and Jason, portray the confusing, complicated, and tense relationship that they have. Aspects such as the facial expressions, the dialogue, their tone, argument, and changing positions during dialogue engage the audience and convey the emotional struggle that the characters experience. Watching the video, I found myself feeling sympathy for Medea, which resulted in a change of opinion about Medea. From the play script, I had assumed that Medea was a mentally disturbed woman who sought revenge. After watching the videos, however, I understood her feelings and actions better. I began looking at her as a real woman with hurt feelings and emotions, rather than looking at her as just a character or a figment in my mind. The first video makes a stronger impact on me compared to the second one.

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