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Medea Observation and Reflection | Homework Helper Website


The character of Medea is considered as symbolic considering the impression she creates regarding society. It depicts a woman who is turned into a monster as a result of the suffering she u1ndergoes. In addition, she is unwilling to permit enemies to experience any kind of victory. Jason’s character depicts an individual that is opportunistic, condescending and unscrupulous. The play depicts a picture on the individuals that are beleaguered and the despots.


The play is set in a city state known as Corinth, particularly on the anterior side of Jason and Media’s house conveying a dramatic tragedy. The costumes used in the play appear to be very parallel in comparison to those powerful ancient individuals dress in (McDermott, 2010). For instance, the authoritative Medea was dressed in a purple attire that represents royalty while the nurse wore an attire that was old and basic that epitomizes disparity amongst characters in the play.


A fundamental aspect used in the play is the chorus to illustrate various themes. In the play, Medea, the chorus depicts an idyllic Corinthian woman. However, the chorus fervently disputes Medea’s pronouncement to massacre her kids with an aim of punishing Jason. The chorus consents Euripides to interconnect the ethical message of the play. There is the use of a drumming drone that that welcomes the audience when it assembles. It is considered as the optimal pedal-tone used to convey as a message by Euripides. Every individual speaks fast in a kind of impatient haste to disaster.

Part B

The production influences us to have a reflection on the degree and significance of ethics in our day-to-day way of living and providing an insight of women at various levels. The set play basically characterizes women that are motivated by desire and rage, without being dependent on compassion leading them to insincere contentment. According to me, the high point of the production is the contrary alteration of sex-gender and conflict amongst both genders in which both characters appear as unhappy or turning out to be victims of injustice. A majority of the audience does not concur with the envious slaughtering of blameless kids with the furthermost disturbing section of the production being the fact that she gets away with heinous acts. I that Euripides is conveying a warning message to the male audience regarding those they oppress. Additionally, he provides a feminist response using Medea’s character effectively by challenging the patriarchal societies.

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