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Medea Observation and Reflection Essay | Homework Help experts

Part I: Observation and Reporting

Character: The first video from the 1892 Broadway revival shows the two characters Medea and Jason confront each other. Jason makes the first approach towards Medea, who is standing on a wall post. Medea expresses her character as a strong astute woman who dares respond to the King. In the second video from the 1986 Cross-Cultural production, Medea is presented as the epicenter character of the show. She is perceived as a crown that removes threads from the mouth.

Spectacle: The two scenes show a profound difference in the spectacle display. In the first video, the spectacle is set in a King’s palace. The setting is characterized by gold color a symbolization of affluence. The costumes depict the King attire; Medea’s costumes are different from the servant’s/handmaids. The second video show Medea fitted with a crown attire. The costume comprises of Japanese demi-gods’ symbolization.

Sound: The first video comprises of a silent and audible scene which only Jason and Medea’s voice is heard. The second video is characterized by prompts of background music and instruments playing. Unlike the first, the second video is characterized by singing, sound effects, and playing instruments, making the scene loud.


Part II: Reflection

Watching the videos creates a profoundly illuminating experience. Despite my lack of understanding of the Japanese language – I could feel the extent to which Medea is represented and characterized as the epicenter of theatre shows and culture. The experience was amazing. The first video provides a cool and silent occurrence of events, which is really captivating. I profoundly enjoyed the video due to the finesse characterization of Medea. I was able to relate with the character more as compared to the second video’s version of the play. This is because I find the first video to be composed to capture the emotions, reactions, and actions of the character without much hullabaloos. Thus create a deeper connection to which I can listen, comprehend, and relate with the character. My opinion was greatly advanced in watching the videos as compared to reading the play. This is because of the live connection of the first video that I could visualize and see what Medea is subjected to – emotions and reactions of Jason that color the scene.

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