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Max Weber Critical Responses Q&A

What are the core elements of social action as defined to give meaning to the concept? P. 22.

The author notes that social action is based on both the failure to act and passive acquiescence that is oriented to the “past, present, or expected future” (Weber, n.d.). The phenomenon of controlling social action is embedded in the occurrences of the past, present, and potential future. This gives the pragmatic approach to social action in that it is a reaction in whatever form – failure or passive acquiescence that promote certain behavior. for instance, based on past actions – this can trigger vengeance actions towards the aggressor. Also, outlining a mechanism in which one protects thyself in critical to the present occurrences. the potential future actions influence advance preparedness to counter any form of aggression in the future. Therefore, social actions comprise of the actions and behavior based on the pragmatic actions of reality.

Power and Domination, and Political Organizations

What is the correlation between power and domination? P. 16.

Max’s views on power are profoundly geared towards the position an individual occupies in society (Weber, n.d.). The capacity to be in a position of power is fundamental to wield the necessary influence one’s will on the rest of the society despite their resistance. Domination enhances compliance and obedience to a given command issued for specific content. This implies that, for power to be effective, domination is essential to provide the necessary legitimacy and authority for obeying the command. For political organizations to wield substantial power and issue directives that are obeyed, domination is a crucial component. Therefore, acquisition and building of domination ability are essential for the ruling class.

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