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Material Handling Essay | Homework Help Service

During the movement of materials between locations, staff involved should first evaluate the weight of the load to understand whether it is bulky or whether it can be handled safely. Organizations need to understand the manual movement processes of material and supplies and ensure that employees are adequately trained for proper lifting process. They should be encouraged to ask for assistance while they are lifting or moving bulky and heavy materials. Considerably, adhering to the rules and guidelines of proper lifting is an essential factor in lowering the number of injuries.

Proper lifting techniques reduce incidents of injuries related to moving of objects as well as during material handling. For instance, safe lifting can save workers from having countless back injuries that can lead to time wastage. There are inexpensive tools that can lower the risk of straining while moving an object. For instance, carts, wheelbarrows, as well as hand trucks, can increasingly lower the strain on the back since the cart does much of the work while transporting objects. For instance, an aluminum dolly may be modified to carry 1000 pounds and can operate in three varying positions. Considerably, two of these positions are stable and do not require balancing or lifting the load during transportation. Minor modifications can be done to the dolly to enable it to transport almost everything, including the movement of bags. Relatively, it reduces muscle strains for the wheeled vehicles, which are used to move objects from place to place, thus lowering the overall fatigue, which is a significant factor that results in injury.

During the movement of bulky and heavy materials, employees need to ask for help if there is no transport available to move or lift the load. Extra workers may be required to move the load safely and reduce strain. There is a need to practice moving bulky materials to determine the most effective methods.

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