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Mass Marketing

Types of Mass Marketing

Television is an audiovisual platform used in mass marketing. This form of marketing can reach a broad audience in a short time; hence the product or service being advertised has a high chance of penetrating the market (Blakeman, 2018). Companies pay massive amounts for a few seconds of ads, especially on high viewership programs, to get the viewer’s attention, such as the Super Bowl. This is the most effective form of mass marketing due to its audiovisual features, which expound better regarding the product.

Radio is an audio platform where listeners are bombarded with catchy phrases relating to products. Many people are still ardent radio listeners, thus proving a ready market for the firms. The producers of the show bombard the listeners with features of a product to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. The interactive section of radio also gives listeners a chance to feature on the radio. This form is not effective today due to the rise and preference of video content by prospects.

Newspapers are a tool of print media used to communicate to a broad audience providing information about a particular product. Product information is placed on the newspapers for the public to read, thus increasing brand awareness. The frequency of newspapers is daily; thus, agencies must analyze the most suitable days for advertisement. This method is less persuasive in today’s digitalized world due to the omission of product information to reduce costs.

Digital mass marketing integrates social media platforms and websites to promote a product or a service (Sajid, 2016). Examples of social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The message is relayed by the use of audio, graphics, text, and video. The ease of internet connection translates into ease of accessibility of the information to the public. The two-way communication model provides a base for effective product information dissemination, thus persuasive to a prospective.

Posters and placards form mass communication where the information is placed outdoors strategically for the masses to view. The information is presented in a witty tagline that stimulates the prospect to try out the product. This type of marketing improves brand awareness that culminates in high sales. The effectiveness in terms of the persuasiveness of this method is minimal.

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