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Marketing Plan Example and Format | Homework Help

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is a multinational conglomerate situated in Melbourne. The Australian government established the bank in 1911 under the Commonwealth Act. Between 1920 and 1960, the credit system was recognized as the central banking system in the country. In 1991, it was listed in the Australian stock exchange market and in 1996 the bank was completely privatized. The bank’s vision statement is to ensure the delivery of unparalleled services to its consumers, enhance employee support, provide exceptional value to stakeholders and be respected by the society. It targets to attract more consumers through the implementation of multi-channel distribution systems and addressing consumer necessities. CBA’s mission is to advance the financial welfare of its neighbors and their enterprises. To achieve the mission; the bank integrates its core values that are significant in shaping customer interactions and the culture of its workplace. The bank has expanded into transnational markets comprising Asian and Pacific markets. It offers an extensive collection of services constituting retail institutional, business and private management services, loans, investment services and funds management. In 2019, it had approximately 48240 employees. Currently, it has extended its assortment of support measures to incorporate tailored assistance for broader enterprises, additional loan repayment deferrals and merchant fee waivers. The major achievements of CBA include its contributions to environmental initiatives such as minimizing coal utilization in overseas stations and customer divestment.

Target Market

The bank’s target market mainly comprises individuals between the ages of 18 to 24 years and 25-39 years. This group is likely to have more significant impacts especially with the integration of online banking systems.

Customer Profile

The company’s ideal consumers voice out their concerns enabling the company’s knowledge expansion, they value the corporation’s efforts, can extend contact with new consumers and easily align with the bank’s objectives. The customers’ needs range from enhanced process and service delivery systems, affordable prices, increased transparency and accountability.

The bank intends to expand its returns, enhance consumer focus, and increase its consumer base and integrate new advanced technologies.




{insert Your specific marketing objective}{Is your objective specific?}{Can your objective be measured?}{Is your objective achievable?}{Is your objective realistic?}{Have you set a specific date for your objective to be achieved?}
To achieve 15% consumer satisfaction.YesYesYesYesYes
To enhance 20% salesYesYesYesYesYes



Marketing Strategy


Goal/ObjectiveDescriptionBy when
{insert Goal/Objective name}{insert Brief goal/objective description}{insert insert Date of completion}
Enhance consumer focus by 20%More priority should be given to consumers’ needs. Their concerns should be immediately addressed.August 2020.
Increase company sales by 20%Company sales underwent stagnation. It is imperative that measures are implemented to enhance the growth of sales and market shares.November 2020.
Increase customer satisfaction by 10%Consumer satisfaction is required to improve sales and encourage customer loyalty.November 2020.



{insert Product/service name}{insert Brief product/service description}{insert Unit price including GST}
LoansConsumers are provided with loans with minimal interests.
Funds managementConsumers are trained to integrate short-term and long-term goals to aid in the accountability for their funds.
Investment servicesSpecified trained personnel provide training on advising customers on investment approaches and the re-investment of funds and assets.


Sales and Profitability Analysis

In 2019, CBA reported declining profits and interest rates resulting from the effects of the stagnant economy. An estimated 8% decline in total annual profits was reported. The cumulative net profits ranged at 8.6 billion dollars in comparison to the preceding year (Letts, 2019). Consumer remediation charges increasing by $1b contributed to the plummeting of CBA’s profits and dividends. The annual dividend was 4.31 a share.CBA accounted that the increased loan arrears in Melbourne and Western Sydney were significant in profit losses. Further, about 4.5% of balances and 3.5 % of Australian home loan accounts were in negative equity.


·         A leading organization that is well-renowned –CBA is one of Australia’s main four banks. It has continually prioritized its customer needs and this has been significant in its accomplishments. In 2016, the bank was identified for its inclusive market segments that incorporate online and mobile banking services. Moreover, it constantly pursues invention to offer improvised services to its clientele and the target is to exceed consumer expectations.

·        High quality and diversified credit portfolio- CBA has incorporated Master Netting arrangements that have enabled it to decrease its derivatives and diversify its portfolio to manage credit risks of its loans. This approach has also aided in the management of domestic mortgages and advances accounted for by transnational transactions in addition to facilitating the bank’s liquidity and regulatory prerequisites.

·        Continual emphasis on new technological developments – CBA continuously implements its technical inventions to streamline its activities, enhance customer focus and enhance its capabilities.


·        It lacks proper product projecting leading to increased risks of not identifying probable prospects.

·        Poor financial planning contributes to the ineffective utilization of assets and funds.


·        New customers

·        Lower inflation rates have encouraged company stability and growth.


·        Inadequate skilled personnel in its international markets threaten the steady development of its profits.

·        Increased competition-the increasing number of competitors in the industry has negatively impacted the profitability and overall sales growth of CBA.






SWOTweakness/ threatActivity to address weakness/threatCompletion date
Lack of proper projecting systemsImprovise already existing systems and introduce better projecting systems.May 2021
Poor financial planningHire new qualified analysts.July 2020
Increased competitionLearn from competitor strategies.August 2020


Product or Service


Product or ServiceFeaturesBenefitsUnique Selling PositionSupportSpin Offs
{What is your product or service?}{What are the features of your product or service?{What are the customer benefits of your product or service?}{What makes your product or service unique?}{What additional support do you offer? E.g. warranty, money back etc.}{Are there any potential spin-off products or services you can offer?}
Financial servicesMeets consumer demands and variability of products.


Investment opportunitiesAffordable and reliableInstitutional managementLoan repayment deferrals.


Pricing of Service


Product or ServicePriceCostsNet ProfitComp. PriceValue
{What is your product or service?}{What is the price of your product or service?}{What is the total cost of selling your product or service?}{What Net Profit is made from selling your product or service?}{What is your competitor’s pricing for this product or service?{What unique value does your product or service offer/deliver?}
Financial services25 Euros per month you – ATM withdrawal50 EurosAbout 5-10 Euros52 EurosConsumers become aware of approaches they can integrate to ensure financial development and stability.







Position in the Market Place


Channel typeProducts/servicesPercentage of sales (%)Channel strategy
{e.g. Shopfront, internet, direct mail, export or wholesale.}{List all the products/services sold via this channel}{What percentage of overall sales do you expect to sell via this channel?}{Why have you decided to use this channel type? How and when will you use it? What is the strategy behind using this channel type for this particular product/service?}
Online marketingInvestment services

Loan services

About 30%-40% of salesIt aids consumers to receive more effective services in a timely manner.
ShopfrontLoan servicesAbout 60%-70% of salesConsumers are able to interact with company personnel as opposed to machine systems hence enabling human interactions.




People in Your Business


NameJob TitleDepartmentResponsibilities


 Finance ManagerFinance·        Overseeing employee participation.

·        Assessing company targets

·        Monitoring cash flow

·        Managing projection processes, budgeting and monthly reporting.

LauraReceptionistFinance·        Welcoming guests and directing them.

·        Sorting mails

DeanSales managerSales·        Prepare sales budget.

·        Project company sales.




Product or ServiceThe ProcessKey BenefitsImprovements
{What is your product or service?}{Outline the Process in point form}{What are the key benefits for the customer?}{What changes can you make to improve the process?}
Financial servicesConsumers are trained on the importance of managing funds·        Obtain loans

·        Comprehend the importance of investment.

·        Continuously integrate new technologies.

·        Offer further training on consumers’ financial literacy.







The Buying Experiences

NameSelling EnvironmentDelivery EnvironmentImprovements
{What is your product or service?}{Where is the product or service sold?}{Where is the product or service delivered?}{What changes can you make to improve the Physical Environment?}
Financial services·        The diverse company branches

·        Online stores

·        The diverse company branches


·        Minimize cost conflicts

·        Develop track performance strategies

Marketing Activity


Marketing activity/milestonePerson responsibleDate of expected completionCost ($)Success indicator
{Print advertising, online advertising, mail-out, giveaway, media release, event, website, blog/social media, public relations, branding and artwork, or publications and catalogues.}{Who is responsible for completing this task?}{When do you expect to complete the marketing activity?}{Estimated cost of activity.}{What indicator/ measurement result will need to be met before this activity is considered a success?}
Print-advertisingSales team30th June300 EurosThe availability of adequate funds.
Online advertisingSales manager30th June250 EurosThe availability of funds and training of consumers regarding the utilization of online services.



Monitoring/Measurement Activities


Marketing activityDate of reviewMonitoring methodsReview outcomes
{Print advertising, online advertising, mail-outs, giveaways, media releases, events, website, blog/social media, public relations, branding and artwork, or publications and catalogues.}{e.g. Month/Year}{What tools did you use to measure/monitor the impact of your marketing activities?}{e.g. What were the results for the promotional period? What were your sales/profit figures? How many new/repeat customers did you receive? How many customers visited your website? Etc.}
Print advertisingAugust 2020Iterative assessing and strategizing.·        An increase in consumer satisfaction by 10%.

·        Increased proportions of consumers by 15%.

·        An increase in sales by 10%.

Online advertisingAugust 2020Conducting constant assessments.·        An increase in the number of consumers by 10%.

·        An increasing number of consumers who utilize the online the technologies.


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