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Marketing in Real-Time

Real-time marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies in the current times. It is focused on up to date events, trends, and consumer feedback, which is essential in creating awareness of a specific product or service, hence boosting the number of sales (Willemsen, Mazerant, Kamphuis, & van der Veen, 2018).  The rise of social media and easy access to information has made real-time marketing easier, accessible, and efficient for companies.  Marketing in real-time has boosted the chances of making products and services higher, due to the appeal it provides to the customers. Real-time marketing helps boost the customer relationship with the company, ensuring that there are personalized messages that align with their needs.  Delivering the best messages to the audience at the right time and the right channel helps inspire and engage the consumers. These messages encourage them to take action and develop a deeper bond with the brand.

Real-time marketing also helps in promoting events since their nature is real-time.  Events have a set start and end time, where through this marketing, prospective attendees are provided with the visuals and information regarding the vents hence leading to higher audience engagement.   Marketing in real-time also helps boost social media engagement and reach. This is through the creation of discussion, photos, memes, real-time questions, and answer session, making many other helpful activities (Willemsen, Mazerant, Kamphuis, & van der Veen, 2018). Boosting social engagement, as a result, reciprocates to meeting the target goals and objectives.   Real-time marketing also aids in identifying the new prospective customers and audience segments, where there is an ever-changing interest of people, hence a dynamic audience.

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