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Marketing Communication Plan

Advertising through Social Media Promotion

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit and Youtube provide an opportunity for the company to promote HelloFresh across different consumer segments. The promotion strategy guarantees immediate feedback where the organization can connect with consumers and engage them in conversations to achieve their value. Compared to other advertising approaches, it is cheap and allows the organization to develop a personalized relationship with consumers. Besides, this technique enables the organization to monitor the impact of HelloFresh on the consumer market based on the market uptake and consumer response towards the marketing campaign.

Personal Selling through Mail Order Marketing

Since customers who purchase HelloFresh without being persuaded demonstrate their interest in the product, the corporation should not neglect their needs. Instead, it should ask for their personal information and present a free product in exchange for the shared details. This promotional strategy has a significant impact on consumers’ perspectives towards the brand and contributes towards its growth and development (Newman, Cinelli, Vorhies, & Folse, 2019). Unlike other promotional approaches, this strategy creates a healthy relationship with consumers that often leads to the realization of loyalty, which is essential in the operation of different competitive marketplace activities.

Public Relations through Causes and Charity

Many consumers associate with organizations that have a positive impact on the community. In this regard, organizations are supposed to create an enabling environment that enables individuals to develop a positive perception of their different services and products. Notably, HelloFresh should support various causes and charity programs that demonstrate their willingness to help the vulnerable population groups in society. This promotional strategy has a significant influence in changing the way consumers perceive the brand. It also creates an opportunity for the corporation to understand individuals’ changing needs in their immediate environment.

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