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Recently, I purchased a motorcycle and fulfilled one of my lifetime dreams. I have always wanted to own one and avoid traffic-related challenges. I always like keeping time whenever I have an appointment with a person or arriving to work early. I knew that the motorcycle would help me to traverse through the busy roads. I respect people that keep time, and I always strive to do the same. This is one of the aspects that led to me purchasing the motorcycle. Also, I am keen on environmental and energy conservation. If we all shift to the use of automobiles that conserve less energy, we will make significant strides in environmental protection. My great desire to live in an environment where people practice habits that conserve energy led me to the purchase decision. Thus, keeping time and environmental protection are the key values that led me to purchase a motorcycle.

Advertisers play an essential role in capturing our attention as consumers. Personally, the exposure to a particular advert that showcased the motorcycle and how it supports convenience and limited lower consumption made me develop an interest in the item. The advertiser used a rider who promptly made his way into an office meeting in a niche of time. Upon seeing this, I was attracted to the product since it imagined how it would help me to move around at ease. Notably, it also incorporated details about the low power consumption utilized, moving from one point to another. This made me more interested in the product due to my quest to help the world converse energy and reduce environmental destruction. Thus, the advertisers adopted images and statements that aligned with my values, beliefs, and emotions.

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