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Malthusian versus Cornucopian

In my view, I identify with the Cornucopian theory as it presents a progressive future despite the prevailing challenges. That is, despite the continuously growing population in the world over, I strongly believe that subsequent food production measures can be adopted to increase agricultural productivity to sustain food security. Despite the population growth, there is enough food production for every. The depletion of resources such as land for agriculture can be supplemented through technology and mechanization. This is evident in aspects such as in the development of agriculture, the use of manure was integral to increase food production for the growing population in the agrarian revolution (. Fróna, Szanderák, and Harangi-Rákos, 2019). The industrial revolution ushered in better mechanisms to increase agricultural productivity through the use of machines (Evans & Lawson, 2020). The contemporary world has seen the expansion of technologies such as genetically modified production and the use of pesticides to increase yields (Steinsson, 2020). Therefore, despite continued population growth, food production must be met through various forms of technological advancements.

My viewpoint on agricultural productivity is founded on the human capacity to expand technological solutions to increase yields production. Fundamental gains have been made over the years enabling the production of nutritional varieties in food contents. As a result, my consumption habits focus on consuming well-balanced diets. While I do not like wasting food, I like accessing a variety of products sufficiently. At no point would I change my viewpoint because I strongly believe in the human capacity to take the necessary measures to match the current problems.

The question of the capacity of food production to match and successfully sustain the rapidly growing world population is one of the prominent debates of the 21st century. Fróna, Szanderák, and Harangi-Rákos (2019) discuss the challenge of feeding the world amidst escalating global problems such as climate change, growing population, volatile food prices, water efficiency, increased urbanization, and changing dietary habits as integral aspects of the debate. The overall solution lies in the technological advancements that have been the driving factor since the end of World War II (Meyers & Kalaitzandonakes, 2012).

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