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With increasing global connectivity, the significance of state borders is declining, people and determinants of health flow in all directions. It is no longer conceivable to address healthcare of a particular region without taking a world view. Malaria is among the most severe public health concerns globally given that it affects approximately half the world’s populace. Fortunately, there are numerous existing and emergent methods championing towards eradicating malaria.

Malaria and Its Impact on the Larger Public Health Care Systems

While many of the modern cases of malaria are prevalent in Sub-Sahara Africa, Amazon basin and south Asia, at one point or another the disease has overwhelmed most of the world. The more susceptible groups are pregnant women and young children who have not yet developed resistance to malaria. In regions with low transmission such as Latin America, many people may reach adulthood without protective immunity making them vulnerable to malaria. Deficits in nation health organizations contribute to the failure of global eradication efforts (Sahu et al, 2020). This is because of constraints to service delivery which impedes disease control. At the lower level, most of the budget for health departments is channeled towards service delivery and vertical initiatives including treatment and vector control.

Address Global Health Concerns

As aforesaid, malaria is among the globes’ toughest health concerns, and any attempts to eradicate it calls for close collaborations with stakeholders in all levels. There is a need for consistent data on health systems particularly at the country level to update the procedures of health systems (sahu et al, 2020). This will ensure a comprehensive outlook of variables that are vital for malaria control such as medicine accessibility in primary care facilities. Besides, health care systems can utilize advanced medical technology to develop safe and effective vaccines. The falling rate of malaria is a clear indication that the forward motion of utilizing vaccines is a great step towards eliminating malaria.

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