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Major Training Theory | College Homework Help

Learning has continuously been understood in a different way by every individual. Learning, generally defined as the process of obtaining knowledge or abilities through a study or experience. Learning takes place in various methods and its goals are accomplished through diverse approaches. Based on the case scenario, a need to conduct training was acknowledged by the sales division. Sales have considerably dropped in the last quarter, and by integrating a training needs evaluation, it was illustrated that sales associates lacked the suitable knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to efficiently sell cars to various car franchises within the United States and overseas. Therefore, as the lead training and development associate, I have been mandated to provide a major training theory, the primary tenets, reasons for recommending the theory, three activities to build on the theory and how the activities address the learning the style.

Learning Theory and Primary Tenets

Based on the case scenario, the viable training theory would be the demand creation training strategy. According to Deo Monterrosa and Change (2020), demand creation is regarded as one of the key training mechanisms that is considered to be more efficient in any corporation. Demand generation is primarily focused on guaranteeing that marketing attempts are smooth, pertinent and influential. As a marketing term, demand creation basically describes a wide range of undertakings. By integrating demand generation, the company would be capable of increasing the revenue streams by enabling exposure to more prospects. It is an entirely assimilated approach that aligns the firm’s efforts with what the expectations and clients really require (Murakami, 2017). Eventually, the objective of demand generation involves main creating a foreseeable pipeline that will grow the business by pledging to long-term client relations and by possessing a strategic mind-set. Based on the case scenario, it would be considered to be demand creation if the company manufactures specialized vehicle spare parts for certain target market or developing unique products in the market. This form of training basically assists the firm’s comprehend methods of influencing and contributing to changes within the corporation.

Reasons for Recommending the Theory

For today’s marketer, demand generation is considered to be a fundamental aspect of the marketing machine, powering the sales pipeline in the company. Marketers utilize this strategy to grow the success of every touchpoint and eventually bear a positive effect on revenue. By integrating the training mechanism, the company and members of staff would have a holistic, fully integrated approach that assists the business entity to tune into what the clients are engaging in at every phase of the journey. Another important aspect is that personnel are capable of building upon previous concepts and applying fresh concepts to the already prevailing information. The learning framework would equip personnel with the abilities they require to effectively learn. They are thereby capable of developing problem-solving abilities they would apply in various challenging tasks.

Lastly, the training framework based on the strategy can teach the personnel to form a wide range of diverse concepts, for instance, easily observing and understanding information that would foster originality and result in inventions at the company.  The most vital aspect based on the case scenario is be appealing to the consumers and develop a growing interest within the industry. To create demand, it is important to educate the prospects by clarifying why a challenge they encounter is substantial for them to invest in a resolve for it. The demand creation framework would greatly assist in conquering the automobile industry.

Activities that I would build from this theory for the sales team trainees

To effectively integrate the demand creation strategy, it is important to integrate various activities for the personnel to fully implement the approach. In activity 1, it mainly involves developing detailed personas, individuals partaking in the training schedule should conduct a research on the client base.  Creating buyer personas will assist the corporation to concentrate on the byer’s unique needs and allocating marketing efforts toward more qualified prospects. In Activity 2, it would involve developing messages that appeal to the clients and developing a sense of interest in the product. In activity 3, the developed message to be conveyed through all the communication channels to the target audience to develop a sense of trust between the consumers and company.   

In activity 4, a majority of the application forms are regarded as the sources of data pertaining to consumers. In most cases, earlier recorded sales are likewise regarded as the prospective source of information. In activity 5, the data gathered by the sales team would act as a source of mode developing a customer relationship management mechanism. In activity 6, the sales team would be motivated to mix the email mechanizations and additional outreaches that may later be used in initiating the sales, initiate demos, programme discussions, and ultimately assist in making a stride towards the procurement (Rogelberg, 2018). In activity 7, a suitable reputation is to be developed to retain the existing consumers and attract other new clients. In the last activity, it would involve group deliberations and presentations would be done based on calls and demos. This type of undertaking would assist trainees to widen their viewpoint and gather opinions on ways of increasing their level of performance in line with a given task.

Activities and How They Are Lined With Each Learning Style

Kinesthetic Learning Style

A kinesthetic-tactile style of learning necessitates that an individual manipulates or touch materials to learn. Kinesthetic-tactile methods are mainly utilized in combination with graphic and/or auditory study methods, generating multi-sensory learning. Based on the case scenario, very individuals partaking in the training are kinesthetic learners that would expound the understanding of the fresh information by involving their own sense and likewise enjoying practical undertakings such as simulations. The sales trainees are engaged in role plays that involve engaging in mock sales or attending to a client to obtain real-time experiences based on the training programme.

Auditory Learning Style

Auditory learners are deemed to be very outstanding spectators and distinguish patterns in terms of verbal, lecture-type training. This kind of learners basically prefers dialogues, audio footages, and also preparation that would comprise of plenty prospects for numerous discussions. The sales learners may be considered as keen listeners and monitor the preceding cold calls made to clients. This process or activity 4, in this case, would distinguish the sales apprentices who are best in comprehending the process clearly through form of training. This is identified through the integration of daily evaluations in the course of the training conferences.

Interactive/Social Learners

The main part of our sales apprentices typically includes the social leaners that are strong at comprehending the approaches along with the inspirations of other individuals. This element mainly occurs once the trainees thrive in role-playing, team learning undertakings, and also group deliberations as stated in activity 6.

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