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Magnetic Fields | Physics Homework Help Online


Magnets and electromagnets offer many benefits to the industrial and technological world. Magnets in motors convert electricity into mechanical work while magnets in generators turn mechanical energy into electricity. In our day today lives magnets play a big role in the industries. In mining companies they use magnets and magnetic sorting machines to separate useful metallic ores from crushed rock. In the recycling sector electric powered magnets in cranes are used to move large pieces of metal, some even weighing tones. In the health sector magnets are found in most of the machines and equipment used, these are; MRIs (magnetic Resonance Imaging Machines).At home, refrigerators have magnets that help hold metallic objects to the metal door. Last but not least computer use magnets to store data on their hard drives, also the Tvs and radios also use magnets in their speakers where the magnet converts electronic signals into sound vibrations.

Data and Data Analysis

Procedure 1

Magnetic Field strength, B, for increasing number of turns, N .

Graph of Strength vs no. of turns

No. of turns Magnetic strength
200 0.0014
400 0.0023
800 0.0047
1600 0.0095



As seen from the data above it supports the model. An increase in the number of turns in the magnet leads to a correspondent increase in the magnetic field. The slope of the graph represents the permeability of the magnet (ยต0).6e-06.

Calculation of percentage error

%error= Experimental value- accepted value/ accepted value*100

6e-6-1.26e-6/1.26e-6*100= 5%

Procedure 2

ย Magnetic field strength, B for increasing current I,

No. of turns Current Slope/gradient
200 0.27A 3.33*10^-3
400 0.27A 6.25*10^-3
800 0.27A 0.015
1600 0.27A 0.025


From the data above the current was kept constant and an increase in the number of turns increased the permeability of the magnet. The data clearly supports the model.


The experiment was a success, although there were slight errors in the data, the calculated data was to near perfect. A 5% error was found in procedure, the experiment was a fair representation of how magnetic fields behave. In conclusion an increase in the no. of turns increases the permeability and magnetic strength.

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