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Macro Social Work: Crisis Intervention | Assignment Helpers Online

An intervention during a crisis period is a mode of manoeuvring that requires skills for instance scheduling by different experts such as social worker with aim of superseding at the centre of a calamity to de-escalate the condition from being worse. In this case, Campbells’ township has just experienced a windstorm. The town is overwhelmed. Schools, businesses, and numerous homes are damaged. As a social worker, the town calls me be part of the disaster management to attend the town gathering. Since these persons face numerous problems, as a social worker, I am compelled to apply macro practices to tackle the issues.

According to National Association of Social Workers (2003), there are various forms of invention that can be integrated in a crisis. They include Nondirective form of counseling, directive counseling, and collaborative counseling. In this instance, Campbell’s town facing a tornado leaves many persons discouraged and at crossroads on ways of reinventing their livelihoods. Regarding the situation, integrating the listed interventions as a social worker will facilitate easy solving of the catastrophe. However, integrating collaborative counseling is considered as the opportune mode of solving the crisis, as it will allow me in reach the level of which will facilitate resolving the crisis faced by the people residing in Campbell’s town. Collaborative counseling is a progressive method whereby all factions work together in curbing the crisis. It is of importance to note that, within the specific case, the affected persons lead in the interaction process and the psychotherapist pay attention with the hope of discovering a way to help in moving forward.

By fostering strategic interconnectedness, my work as a social worker will focus on assisting the members of the community to access resources and openings. This comprises of community-level intercessions, such as supervision, organizing, research, and policy expansion (Thompson & Stepney, 2017). Ultimately, being a macro social worker and community developer, I am mandated to fulfill the role of a “Planner”, not by resolving all the societies’ complications, but by planning proceedings that allow the individuals of the society to use critical thinking and accessible resources to overcome problems, leading to the benefit of the community as a whole.

Working with diverse individual groups may be challenging, and this challenge has simply been increased in the last twenty years due to the dawdling loss of importance in macro extents of social work (Thompson & Stepney, 2017). Frequently community development, “a premeditated approach to refining the standard of living and comfort of underprivileged populaces in the town necessitates a social worker to be flexible (Thompson & Stepney, 2017).. As concerns and apprehensions arise within the society, the call for restitution of macro practices is inherent in attempts to establish new social movements. Whilst macro social work and community development had made radical prosperous changes in the community today, there persists a need for more interventions and planning.


Macro social work rotates around intercession and preparation at the community level. By accomplishing the aspect of “Planner”, macro social workers also encourage micro and mezzo interpolation levels such as allowing clients to expedite considerable and enduring social change. Since the commencement of the settlement house movement, grand steps have been achieved in the parity of all persons affected by the tornado.  The intervention level, encouraging community members to expedite social changes, demonstrates the exact nature of social work as an enabling occupation.

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