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Locating Credible Databases and Research | Best Assignment Writers

Evidence-based practice is a fundamental intervention that employs the best evidence to make pronouncements geared towards promoting the best patient outcomes. Within the healthcare setting, nurses and other healthcare experts should embrace evidence-based research through clinical expert views, hospital policies, guidelines, and additional quality material to form the basis of the pronouncements. As a baccalaureate-prepared health practitioner mandated with supervising, it is vital to integrate efficient communication and collaborative approaches to advance teamwork and encourage the new nursing team to enhance their performance principles. In the assessment, the set-up discussed involves a newly trained nurse stationed at the medical-surgical floor and allocated a patient ailing from cancer.  Because it is the nurse’s initial assignment, she experiences challenges in implementing evidence-based practices based on the diagnosis. The assessment aims to evaluate the appropriate communication approaches, ways of recognizing credible sources, and what standards should be considered when picking sources that offer the proper evidence for the diagnosis.

Communication Strategies

Based on the case scenario, it is essential to integrate effective leadership capabilities that enhance motivation, communication, and collaboration. It is critical in providing the support needed in incorporating evidence-based practices within the division.  Effective communication lets the nurse supervisor and freshly employed nurses preserve good working relations. Upholding open communication lines guarantees that the hired nurses feel contented in posing queries to facilitate success in the nursing role. Regarding collaboration, it permits the nursing staff to work together to provide excellent patient care. Moreover, the association encourages learning from peers and seasoned nurses, creating cohesion. Lastly, as a mentor, mentoring programs are vital in improved knowledge, self-assurance, development of communication abilities, and an affirmative working atmosphere for the new nurse.

Best Sources to Complete Research

When looking for data regarding patients’ diagnosis, execution processes, or ways of administering medicines, the new nurse ought to first be trained on assessing hospital policies and operational guidelines. Exploring the local hospital procedures would guarantee the new nurse would follow the facility’s approach towards patient care. If the data is not considered adequate, the new nurse should then be taught ways of finding evidence-based practices in university libraries or peer-reviewed journal editorials (Curtis et al., 2016).  Nonetheless, it would be vital to guarantee the resources used are high quality as practicing nurses necessitate evidence-based practice research experiences in clinical care. By implementing evidence-based practices in day-to-day patient care, the nurse would enhance patient outcomes, advance clinical practice, and guarantee answerability in nursing.

Five Sources of Evidence

The first source of evidence would be the EBSCO databank. It offers healthcare experts, including nurses, with medical evidence to advance decision-making founded on evidence. The second source of evidence would be the National Institute of Health. It offers comprehensive, evidence-based data regarding numerous ailments, including cancer, the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, managing, and treatment.  It likewise offers public health data regarding continuing clinical trials to advance nursing data.

The third source involves PubMed.  The databank offers evidence-based research editorials and links to full-text journals (Sbaffi & Rowley, 2017). The fourth database involves the National Cancer Institute website.  This source offers evidence-based care writings, including disease synopses that aid new nurses with clinical analysis of cancer (Showalter et al., 2017).  The fifth source involves the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. It is considered a source of public data that allows the nurse to research diseases that she may be unfamiliar with. It is a viable source as it is publicly accessible using hospital equipment and consists of adequate evidence-based data.

Reasons Why Sources Offer Best Evidence

The sources are selected based on reasons. Foremost, they offer peer-reviewed manuscripts scrutinized by practicing doctors, and nursing experts, along with professional bodies. These sources offer valuable data to nurses and other healthcare experts. Second, the sources offer high-quality evidence as most are discoveries from evidence-based studies that assist in identifying challenges and resolutions towards improving patient outcomes. Reliable articles in these journals and websites are easy to locate as most are accessible are free of charge.  These databanks provide unsurpassed evidence as the articles are regularly updated and relevant, with abstracts that make it easier to locate articles pertinent to the diagnosis being assessed.


Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a technique of integrating data attained from researching procedures and patient care information and merging the outcomes to facilitate provision of quality care. There is a need to use evidence-based practices to enhance patients’ outcomes while improving the quality of health. Appropriately orientating new and cultivating the execution of research approaches is vital for their practice. Mentors’ support would enlighten new nurses to effectively research material when diagnosing ailments they could be unaccustomed to. Integrating appropriate and reliable resources in nursing research may enhance patient outcomes and a surge in nursing knowledge.

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