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Literature Review Peer-Appraised Materials

The study will review peer-appraised materials that exhibit academic discourse insights on the issue of marriage and divorce. The review will focus on the effects of divorce on children and its health impacts mainly in American society. Divorce rates have been among the most increasing perceptible features of the recent eras of family change. The precipitous cause of divorce has changed over time. Ukpong (2014) defines divorce as a lawful termination of the marriage relation or any official separation of a man and his wife according to recognized norms. Divorce adversely affects the whole strata of a family more so the children.

Globally, half of the marriages end up in divorce leaving one million children each year to deal with divorce (Martin et al, 2003). This will provide a justification that divorce is an arising matter which needs to be addressed and a solution drawn to curb this culture. According to Amato (2000) divorce permanently weakens the relationships between parents and children. The separation between parents changes the actual perception and view of children to their parents. Divorce has been revealed to lessen a child’s competence in all areas of life as well as their emotional comfort, family relationship and at some point their health.

Divorce has been a major problem in America. In the American society, divorce rates have been mottled by substantial means over the decades (OECD,2018).  Black and American Indian women are less likely to marry and more likely to divorce than any other racial group. In American society, divorce affects the well-being and self-esteem of children of divorced parents compared to those of married parents (Amato & James, 2010). Children of divorced parents are likely to drop out of school and complete fewer years of school.  The country is raising an unstable generation with no future for development.

Divorce can be a traumatic event for both the separated spouses and the children. This may lead to negative health outcomes such as pulmonary diseases and coronary diseases (Felitti & Anda, 2010). The health complications result from negative cognitive and affective alterations after the marriage dissolution.

In conclusion, divorce has been an increasing feature in the era of family change. Ukpong has divorce as a lawful termination of the marriage relation. Divorce affects the bond of members of a family.  Half of the marriages in the whole world end up in a divorce.  In America, divorce has been a major problem for years. Amato puts it across that divorce weakens the bonds between the separated spouses. Children are critically affected by divorce matters. A number of researches show that divorce of parents may affect children in their education, their emotional status ,and their self-esteem. To a smaller extent, health complications such as chronic diseases may arise. The health complications arise from negative cognitive and affective alterations.

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