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Linux Based Operating System | Custom Essay Help

A server is a computer software or a machine that offers services to other programs or devices, referred to as clients. Today, a bigger percentage of servers and data centers around the world run on Linux-based operating systems (Kili, 2017). The reason why Linux is preferred over other operating systems, such as windows, is due to the fact that Linux has a free and open source code. The aforementioned feature allows users to check for bugs and vulnerabilities in the system and even study what a certain code is doing to their machines. Furthermore, it is possible to make custom adjustments on a system to meet personal or organizational requirements at the most basic level.

Moreover, Linux systems are widely known for their stability and reliability. Many Linux servers on the Internet have been running for years without failure or even being restarted (Kili, 2017). In the industrial sector, this is very vital since time is not wasted on unnecessary system upgrades and maintenances.

Until recently, companies linked to Windows as the base for their control system were more likely to be a victim of system hacking than those using Linux (Sohail, 2019). The increased security levels have been made possible due to the presence of programs such as firewalls and TCP wrappers which allow or deny service access. Every industry wants a secure system that cannot be easily infiltrated by hackers.

Finally, the total cost of owning a Linux based system is lower as compared to other operating systems in terms of licensing fees, software/hardware purchase and maintenance costs, system support services and administrative costs (Kili, 2017). In my experience with Linux, I rate it to be the best operating system due to the ease of handling and user-friendliness of the interface. I just need to type a code and the code initiates the task I want.

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