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Lil Baby’s Music Career Homework | Do My Assignment

Lil Baby’s Background, Career, and Impact on the Music Industry

Different artists are inspired by a wide range of life aspects and the society, which become the pinnacle of their career. In the U.S., there are various music genres that attract different generations of artists who pursue their vision with the hope of inspiring individuals in their immediate environment. One of these artists is Lil Baby who is known for his Perfect Timing mixtape that introduced him to the mainstream music scene. Exploring his background and career will help individuals understand Lil Baby’s impact on the music industry and how it has shaped people’s perspectives towards his identity. Therefore, artists play a significant role of addressing various issues in their surroundings and contribute towards the realization of the desired change in the community.

Background and Early Life

Lil Baby was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 3rd 1994 in a family of two sisters raised by a single mother. His early childhood was problematic and transferred to different institutions before dropping out of the ninth grade because of issues in the school and beyond. Lil Baby has been in and out of prison because of his perspectives towards life. While in prison, he started rapping and was identified by a record label called Quality Control Music, which signed him and helped choose his stage name in 2014. Since then, Lil Baby has been recording music with the label until 2017 when his mixtape went mainstream and became a global hit.


Although Lil Baby had been recording music while in prison, it was not until 2017, where under the management of Quality Control Music, he broke the airwaves and became a household name. His mixtape, Perfect Timing, delivered the much-needed punch that enabled him to penetrate the competitive industry and dominate in the trap music sector. Following the success of Perfect Timing, Lil Baby released Harder than Hard, and Too Hard in 2018, which went on to become the stepping stone for Lil Baby’s music career in the U.S. and beyond. His music has since then been featured in films and topped the charts such as Billboard Hot 100 among others. Apart from bagging two Grammy nominations in 2020, his album My Turn, went platinum.

Impact on the Society

After being bullied on both Twitter and Instagram following claims by an adult film star who alleged to have slept with despite Lil Baby flaunting his girlfriend on social media, he deactivated his Instagram account and channelled his rage into a productive cause. Just before Christmas, Lil Baby collaborated with Atlanta’s City Council to distribute his donated 2,000 coats to adults and children in need. At a time when the world is still reeling from the effects of Covid-19 and other natural disasters, Lil Baby demonstrated his passion for humanity through his donation.

Lil Baby has had a successful career that is largely attributed to his persistence and focus on the music industry. Many individuals are easily distracted by the pleasures associated with the perks of being an artist. Despite being involved in numerous scandals, with his latest leading him to deactivate his social media accounts, Lil Baby has stepped up his efforts to give back to the community by giving 2,000 coats to adults and children in need. His work ethic has positioned him in a context where he can change the world through his talent.

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