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Critical Issues in Mid-Atlantic Region Location

Email to Human Resources Director

To: Human Resources Director

From: Employee Relations Specialist

Subject: Critical Issues in Mid-Atlantic Region Location

There have been numerous issues raised by staff members stationed in the Mid-Atlantic region. Several personnel station in the Mid-Atlantic region are in favour of unionization to articulate their apprehensions. Coherent with the corporation’s stringent guidelines and protocols concerning unionized campaigns, the corporation should address the matter with utmost urgency. It deserves and solves the workers’ complaints as early as possible before the wheels of the association catch impetus. The employees’ particular concerns include lack of career mobility and development, limited employee benefits, minimal pay rise in the previous two to three years, and intensified security protocols executed attributed to burglary issues. The personnel are in view of joining a union and have assessed their alternatives with United Food & Commercial Workers International Union and the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union. Before sending an organizer, each union seeks to ensure that a significant number of personnel support the union representation. To enhance awareness in unionization, most personnel have initiated company-wide communication.

Given the concerns raised, as the employee relations specialist, I have to ensure that administrators and managers abide by the regulations concerning a union organizing campaign. Therefore, I intend to integrate specific measures. Foremost, distributing a one-page memo specifying the dos and donts throughout any union organizing effort. Second, sending an electronic mail to the human resource division concerning what the department must contemplate in reply to the apprehensions articulated by the Mid-Atlantic Region personnel. Third, drafting a meeting outline to be convened between the human resource department and the association’s management concerning the organizing efforts.

Attached herein is; a copy of the memo to administrators and supervisors, a copy of the email to human resource associates, and a meeting outline between the human resource division and the association’s leadership team. I am looking forward to your reply in case of any concerns. Many thanks for taking into account my request.


Employee Relations Specialist.




Memo to Managers and Supervisors

To: Supervisors and Managers

From: Employee Relations Specialist

Subject: The Dos and Don’ts in Any Union Organizing Efforts

This memorandum offers guidance to back the workers’ organizing efforts per rules and regulations stated in the National Labor Relations Act. I am writing this memo to notify you of dos and donts in the union organizing effort. All through a union campaign, the administration, through the administrators and the executives, may be engaged in activities that may not infringe on workers’ liberty to make pronouncements in a union election. Suppose any of the administrator’s or executives’ actions are likely to add up to intimidations, assurance of benefits, or any additional related undertakings, a one-sided labor practice lawsuit might be initiated against the corporation.

The NLRB describes what you as administrators and executives may do all through the union organizing effort. Foremost, notifying the personnel that if they vote in support of unionization, the corporation will have no choice but to divert all their daily challenges, regardless of how minor, through the union. As executives or supervisors, you are allowed to remind the personnel that the firm is keen to continue directly handling the matters such as salaries, working conditions, and profits. Second, you are permitted to notify the personnel of several demerits regarding being unionized. The shortcomings consist of an outlay of the initial charges, regular or yearly union reimbursement, and sterner union guidelines and regulations. Third, you may notify the personnel how their salaries match similar unionized and non-unionized corporations within the region. Should the personnel contemplate staging a strike, you will engage temporary stand-ins to carry on the operations.

Regarding the donts, as the administrator or the overseer, the law forbids you from engaging in certain acts. Foremost, under no condition may you snoop on the union gatherings to view the movement’s members. Second, you may not offer personnel pledges of an enlarged paycheck, elevation, or any additional financial or non-monetary remunerations in a bid to coax them to cast their vote in opposition to unionization. Third, you are not liable to intimidate an employee with loss of a job, relegation, or any extra form of castigation for voting in favor of unionization. Fourth, as managers, you cannot intimidate to move or entirely shut down the corporation if the personnel opt for unionization as a model representation.





Email to Human Resource Colleagues

To: Human Resource Department

From: Employee Relations Specialist

Subject: Issue Concerning Mid-Atlantic Personnel

It has been brought to our attention that personnel within the Mid-Atlantic Region have voiced displeasure pertaining to working conditions. The particular apprehensions include minor pay rise, inadequate employee reimbursements, lack of career flexibility and development, and intensified safety protocols attributed to theft concerns. Bearing in mind the gravity of the matter, one of the profound undertakings involves the HR team facilitating communication regarding the assessments and details articulated.  Moreover, the human resource team should expand on personnel not being compelled to have mandatory signatures to the union tags by upholding their liberty and rights to desist from any association based on the statutory framework. HR teams should likewise deliberate and expound on the consequences of worker engagement in the wake of deserting undertakings, such as strikes, as they may be substituted perpetually and might only get recalled when an opportunity arises.

The workers should similarly be reminded of the indecision of choosing in a union election regardless of having enlisted in an association or having attained union approval, or having made an application for a membership card.  The employees need to be guided on ways of seeking information on any misunderstood statements or misrepresentative arguments regarding enhanced salaries, carrier flexibility, and any additional matters concerning employees. Having fortified the mechanisms advocated for herein, every employee within the association would be astutely informed in determining if they can make a union subscription.

I look forward to seeing the executions of the actions illustrated in the email. Thank you.


Employment Relations Specialist



Meeting Outline

Date: 28th April 2021

Time: 1600hrs

Venue: Board Room

Meeting Outline scheduled to be convened between the organizational leadership and human resource department regarding organizing effort.

Meeting Facilitator: Human Resource Manager

Call Order: The meeting will be initiated through opening remarks by the human resource manager.

Roll Call: The roll call will capture members both absent and present, followed by recording apologies of individuals absent.

Approval of Minutes: The secretary would read out minutes from the previous session and seconded by members present.

Open Issues: Discussion of issues arising from the previous meeting.


  1. Heeding to complaints presented by the personnel, for instance, career mobility and development, minimal pay rise, and security protocols.
  2. The establishment of a communication approach on organizational philosophy to long-standing and novel personnel within the corporation.
  3. Instituting a culture that encourages employee engagement and input in equality protests.
  4. Presenting documented proof of the period an employee could be elevated in the corporation.
  5. Articulating the termination process.


Meeting Adjournment: The meeting will be adjourned a 1800hrs.

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