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Legends Essay Assignment | Homework Helpers Online

Do you think it is important for people to believe in legends like King Arthur, even if there is little evidence to support them? Why or why not?

I believe that it is important that people like King Arthur should be celebrated as resting legends. I believe in such people because they were and still are a great inspiration to generations. Public speakers and politicians have repeatedly echoed their ideas to the people to inspire and give them hope. Many people believe that legend stories were not formulated based on sufficient evidence that proves the kinds of accomplishments. As a result, such tales are not an inspiration to them. However, legends such as King Arthur are a muse, considering the many achievements he made within a short time. In addition, it is not paramount to expect too much evidence concerning people like King Arthur, considering that most of their achievements occurred a long time ago. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that most of what they did may have gone unrecorded.

Even though King Arthur served for a short time, a long list of his achievements made him stand out. Thus, people must recognize and celebrate his life. King Arthur was a vibrant leader who believed that he had the power to achieve whatever he wanted. As a result, he made remarkable achievements such as defeating the Saxons, Irish, Scots, and others. Before his defeat by Anglo-Saxons, Arthur had managed to register success in areas, which seemed impossible in reality. For instance, history shows that King Arthur managed to kill almost a thousand of his enemies in a single charge. Such successes can motivate people to strive for excellence as they confirm that nothing is impossible to achieve with determination. Therefore, people must pay closer attention to such stories.

People tend to believe and follow stories like that of King Arthur since they inspire them. Learning about a person who made numerous achievements in a short time is thrilling. It can make people believe that even those that they may have initially considered impossible are achievable if they embrace the right attitude

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