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Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida is a medical disorder that occurs during birth where a newborn’s spine and spinal cord fail to align. When this happens, parents are expected to consult with their physicians on the best approach that can be used to overcome the underlying condition. Close examination on the newborn will reveal symptoms that include an unusual hair growth around the affected region.

Stakeholder Perspectives

Medical practitioners recommend surgical procedures that play a significant role in correcting the situation and guaranteeing the newborn’s health. While other treatment options may revolve around managing any complications that arise from the surgery, the overall ambition of any treatment approach is aimed at improving the child’s interpersonal relations with other people.

Analysis and Evaluation

Orthopedic surgery exposes affected patients to bone and muscle treatment where they can regain their control over the nonfunctional parts of the body. On many instances, people may encounter the four types of Spina Bifida, which include occulta, closed neural tube defects, meningocele, and myelomeningocele. However, occulta is the most common Spina Bifida defect that features prominently in many patients today.

Action Plan

Government agencies that oversee health processes should put in place measures that can be used to provide treatment to affected population groups. Besides, medical practitioners should be involved in health awareness programs that educate the masses regarding the best practices that can be used to interact with affected individuals.

Evaluation of Consequences

Implementing the above-mentioned action plans will enhance the outcomes of events that surround different processes used to control the situation. Although individuals encounter different challenges fitting in the community, developing a strong set of interpersonal skills is important for the realization of desired goals and objectives.

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