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Learning and Globally Dispersed Workforces | Assignment Help

The essay critically evaluates the relevance and importance of the article, Learning and Globally Dispersed Workforces, by Andrew Paradise. As technological advancements become part of the day to day business operations, globalization has been the forefront incorporation of businesses in the contemporary world. The article is informed by the notion revolving around enormous opportunities that span borders and create new ways in which businesses advance as a result of modification of learning systems and interactive global workforce (Paradise, 2008). The advancement of learning strategies and principles is fundamental to the success of global initiatives (Vignali, 2001). While opportunities rising through globalization may seem obvious, the implementation prospects are difficult to follow through. The relevance of the article and its principles is based on its application in McDonald’s Inc. company.

McDonald’s is one of the largest and most competitive companies in the fast food and beverage industry. The company operate globally, presenting massive opportunities for assessment of the relevance of Andrew Paradise article’s principles in the real business world. The global phenomenon in which McDonald’s Inc. operates is characterized by profound competitiveness and need to remain relevant. Thus, market position, brand identity and image must be sustained through innovations, high-quality services, and customer satisfaction.

Relevance to the Organization

The article induces fundamental insights that are crucial to aid in the operations of McDonald’s at the global stage. McDonaldization philosophy, corporate learning, incorporation of best practices in different locations, and management of a diverse workforce are fundamental to the success of the firm. Learning by respecting and incorporating the local cultures to advance the operations of the company in different regions is essential. For instance, the learning experience of the employees in China, Japan and India is built based on the local cultures and respect to their values (Zhang & Zhou, 2012). This is critical in engaging the workforce diversity and advancing the competitive advantage of the company.

Also, ascertaining a smooth transition into the local market is essential for market entry in new different regions globally. As a new entrant into the business – in every corner that McDonald’s Inc. operates, how the company engages the locals is crucial to enabling a smooth flow of the transition process (Komańda, 2016). The involvement of locals has been integral to the success of the McDonaldization approach, setting critical insights on the best practices to other companies that are learning different ways of managing a dispersed workforce in a globalized business environment.

Utilization of Key Principles

The core principle of “ensuring that employees in new regions relate to and understand corporate values is a fundamental step to the success of the company” (Paradise, 2008). The overall company values and Code of Conduct guides the learning process and enhance a knowledge-based lesson for McDonald’s employees across different regions. This creates a sense of belonging and one of being a part of a larger organization that touches various destinations and persons globally. This is critical toward maintaining a high level of competitiveness among employees from different cultures and diverse regions which is paramount for McDonald’s success.

Respect for local cultures across different locations of operations has been integral to the company’s employees learning and conduct. For instance, while lessons on the service delivery and products made from pork are a part of the American menu, it may not be the same in the Indian menu (Zhang & Zhou, 2012). The respect for local cultures is crucial to the operations of the company. Notably, dining etiquette from the Japanese cultures provides vital lessons, and best practices spread to other parts of McDonald’s operations globally.

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