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Leadership Skills: Strip One – Critical Thinking Assignment

Strip one illustrates a leader discouraging a follower of theirs by telling them that their idea can never work. He even goes further to imply that the follower is not an actual scientist. One positive leader attribute is positivity. Positivity as a behavior is used by leaders to help others feel at ease in challenging situations they find themselves (Northouse, 2014). In this regard, a leader should consistently practice to keep their subordinates motivated through positive and helpful comments. Telling a person that their idea will never work is deconstructive and demotivating, which is utter negativity. A leader helps individuals in a group to feel included (Northouse, 2014). The ability of the leader in strip one to lead is questionable. He is not naturally good at social skills. They can however learn through hard work and practice. The forms of criticism in strip one will only discourage an individual from pursuing a dream or expressing their ideas, even when they are constructive.

The success of a leader is naturally dependent on the nature of relationship they establish with their followers (Northouse, 2014). A constructive relationship between a leader and their followers is often done through communication. It is through communication that a leader builds confidence and motivates their followers. Moreover, a good leader is encouraging. The leader in strip one defies all these qualities. Discouraging people just proves how bad you are at leading.

Leadership is thought of as a trait (Northouse, 2014). The distinguishing quality of the leader in strip one is asocial. Their social skills are wanting. As previously mentioned, the leader demotivates their followers, which is a negative trait. It proves that they are deficit of leadership skills. For one to be considered a skillful leader, they must be competent in the way they handle issues (Northouse, 2014. The leader in strip one has a lot to learn regarding leadership skills).

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