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Leadership Program at Hooli Global Petroleum | Assignment Help Online

Being a medium sized corporation, Hooli Global Petroleum is mainly involved in drilling, manufacturing, and transporting energy. Founded in 1980, Hooli Global Petroleum is comprised of fifty administrators on the leadership team. They administrators are a representation of leaders from four key departments that include sales, marketing, finance, and engineering. With its headquarters in the United States, Hooli Global Petroleum consists of personnel and leaders situated in three diverse nations; The United States, Canada, and Mexico. With 55 years in the energy sector, the company has developed a good repute for providing outstanding services. The Company prides itself on providing petroleum products and executing the mandates in full regard of the environment. While energy sales remain the major portion of the company’s profit margins, the use of alternative sources of energy is rapidly developing. Therefore, the company’s top management should be constantly advanced to initiate the changes and lead the corporation to future accomplishments. The paper examines a leadership development framework incorporated to drive the company’s mission.

Leadership Development Strategy

Our vision is to become the most ecologically dedicated and productive energy manufacturer universally while initiating an atmosphere whereby personnel enjoy working. Our clienteles find contentment in transacting with the company.  The main aim of the leadership development program involves ensuring that we develop a consistent culture across the corporation, a culture that starts from the top management and to the employees (Scisco Biech & Hallenbeck, 2017). Therefore, it is essential to integrate a leadership development strategy to accomplish the company’s goals and mission. The strategy involves providing mentoring programs that work with career development to maintain employee commitment as they progress and gain experience. The second strategy involves advising & coaching personnel, institute assessments with development tracking, and identify the robust contenders to be trained for leadership positions. Lastly, prepare for replacements at the senior level by choosing persons from our talent pool fortified by the leadership development program.

Leadership Assessment

Assessment is a significant aspect of any training program. By instituting a “Success Profile,” personnel will distinguish the good elements and utilize that as a platform to endeavor for excellence. This profile would be the pathway towards senior leadership determined by stakeholders and personnel. Data from both parties will generate a wide-ranging summary of the conduct, abilities, and performance that facilitates future success for a specified role and the capability to implement the appropriate leadership abilities that fit the situation.

Assessment Tools

This program would Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tools to guarantee administrators are engaging, spotting high-potential applicants, training, and evaluating performance responses in a manner that aligns with the company’s goals and leadership vision. Another assessment tool involves situational judgment tests and Assessment centers and simulations. Allows the administrator to disclose and perceive the experiences that other managers have experienced (Jenkins & Allen, 2017). This is likewise an excellent chance to present my own stimulating instance.  Potential leaders identified during training would be requested to partake in the Whole Person Strength Assessment. The assessment tool aids in determining an individual’s leadership strengths and areas that necessitate growth.

Leadership Development Methods

Once leadership apprentices have been recognized, training will start within the four departments to guarantee an understanding of and conformity with the company’s basic culture and vision.  Moreover, much training will be conducted together to generate bonds and a sense of co-operation that would assist prevent silos from developing within the corporation.   Sales and Marketing would greatly concentrate on challenging projects. This method will compel them to think outside to box to assist in efficiently solving recurring issues. Finance and Engineering would focus on Real-life problem-solving in a “controlled” atmosphere. Financing and Engineering are vital divisions in any association. The real-life situation is deemed best to comprehend what may happen if funds are misappropriated, and the piping structure is not proficiently developed (Owen, 2015). A hands-on approach is much more helpful and efficient rather than simply paying attention to a presentation.

Cultural considerations are similarly a significant characteristic of a training and leadership development program. The cultural effects of Canada tend to lead our management team to take on extra tasks and worry through not being able to have hard-hitting discussions with personnel for fear of bruising their feelings. This would certainly be managed within the Canadian form of the program. Nonetheless, in Mexico, candid discussions are common and goals are clearly conversed.

Benefits of Formal Leadership Program

Sales and marketing personnel would learn how their undertakings need to be impacted by our vision and ways of managing our profit needs with our client’s needs.  Equally, the finance department would learn to comprehend the needs of other divisions and ways of helping make efficient pronouncements that balance profit and mission. Lastly, the engineering department would know how influential their inventiveness, ideas, and implementation are to accomplishing the company’s mission.


An official leadership development plan is essential in ensuring steadiness among leadership. This is particularly factual when the resolve is to accomplish the company’s mission and to influence the company’s culture. A corporation with a distinctive, well-defined culture backed from the top management to the staff would be more competitive and typically more prosperous. Identifying abilities disparities amongst managers and executives would allow the corporation to ensure that personnel embraces the proper level of accountability and skill for their division.

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