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Leadership, Legality, and Ethics | Best Homework Help Online

Numerous ethical dilemmas affect the performance and processes of businesses in the current world. One major dilemma faced by several businesses involves the use of social media. Employers are at the present times in an impasse on whether to fire or punish the employees for things they post on their social media platforms (Barsky, 2019). It becomes challenging when deciding the line to cross concerning personal life and business policies.

The other dilemma rises on cases of sexual harassment, racism, and wage inequality based on gender. These are persistent issues that companies and their employees face. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), there are many reported cases of discrimination in the country ranging from the government workplace to the private sectors, which affects the working environment (Velasquez, 2014). Another ethical dilemma is the issue of health and safety, where many deaths have been reported or people get hurt as a result of occupational hazards. Some of these hazards include unprotected buildings, poor communication when faced by hazards as well as poor wiring and connections, among many others.

One of the core responsibilities of leadership of any given organization is ensuring that it addresses all the aforementioned dilemmas. Through an analysis of the concerns and working with the employees to develop solutions, leaders can ensure that there is a suitable working environment that will result in better results and attainment of the set company goals and objectives.  Failure to address these dilemmas can lead to increased cases of conflicts, poor performances, and failure to attain the company set targets.

“Legal” Does Not Always Mean “Ethical”

The fact that something is legal does not necessarily mean that it is morally right.  This implies that an action of people may be considered legal or not abiding by the law though they remaining ethically upright depending on the viewers perspective. For instance, although it is considered immoral for one to tell a lie, some people believe that the only way of achieving the most favorable outcome, in some situations, is by telling a lie and should be considered legal (Durkheim, 2018).  Another example is where breaking promises is regarded to be legal. However, this is an unethical practice that people should desist from.  These are illustrations that an action could be in line with the rules and regulations of a nation, but at the same time, it could be considered as immoral and unethical.

How Companies Can Face Repercussions When Acting Unethically

Companies that are exposed to unethical practices are likely to lose the trust of the public as well as that of the courtrooms. This is because, the public, who are their prospective customers, expect a firm to behave in some specific ways which meets the moral guidelines, and one that respects other parties and people (Velasquez, 2014). On the other hand, in the case of a court ruling, the judge may lose trust with a company that has constantly been involved in unethical behaviors such as failure to keep promises, or being exposed to immoral conduct.

Consequences Faced by Unethical Leaders

Some of the likely consequences of unethical leaders include poor employee performance and attitudes. It can also lead to poor quality of employer- employee relations due to loss of trust and faith toward a firm’s leadership (Barsky, 2019). The public may possess an unfavorable perception toward a company. This factor may lead to negative attitudes towards the brand. Finally, unethical conduct among leaders could lead to numerous legal issues and challenges that can deter them from attaining their set goals and objectives.

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