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Performance management is a corporate management tool that aids in monitoring and evaluating the work of the employees.  Its fundamental goal is to create an environment that people can reform the best of their abilities to produce the highest quality work, which is more efficient and effective.  To have an effective performance management, there is a  need for outstanding leadership, where someone in the top position is needed to oversee everyday happenings around the office. Organizational leadership has the role of getting involved in performance management to dedicate the firm’s performance culture.  The reason for settling on this area of the subject topic is to have comprehensive research on a leadership role in performance management and what the leaders can do to ensure high-performance standards and leadership investing in the needed changes.

Performance management is often seen as a procedure and a  process in which manager follows  Effective leaders see performance management as much more since they are conversant with the necessity of building a relationship and giving regular feedback every year (Annette Towler, 2020). Effective leadership happens when the managers have sufficient training understanding of wart performance management entails. Leaders are also required to have adequate rapport and trust to supervise the results in the course of performance management effectively. Leaders and supervisors in any given company need to work in teams  and share what they have  with their juniors to improve and ensure high-performance management efficacy.  There is also a  need to correct anything that ought to be corrected before appraisal time comes around. According to Graybill (2019), a management team effort in reviewing performance management also helps ensure that the process of performance management.In performance management, the supervisor has the role of welcoming direct reports that challenge them. They should also realize that they have been hired into a position of authority, which they need to undertake with the seriousness it deserves. Welcoming complaints and challenges permit the supervisor and any person in the leadership position that they are human and prone to making mistakes (Kearl, 2016). They can also help understand the threats or o weaknesses and what needs to be changed in the organization for its overall growth. This also helps in understanding the areas of training and development that can he line ensuring that the company has a high performing team in the future.

Leaders are responsible for analyzing the performance data and understanding what these numbers mean for their team’s performance and the overall success of the organization they; lead.  The leadership of any given firm also can recognize the need for integrating their performance management and planning (Annette Towler, 2020). This involves aspects such as employee performance reviews that can shed light on the practices that need to be alerted or to understand areas that employees need to train across the board (Taylor, 2021).  There is a need for leadership to play a substantial, heavy hand in performance management.  The leadership of a firm sets the standards for employee performance standards and company culture quality (Kearl, 2016).  The employees look up to the leaders to set examples and keep them focused, attaining the set company goals and objectives (Taylor, 2021).  This is made possible by a compelling performance strategy and the information, which helps track the system. Through a strategic performance management system, the leaders can identify development and training needs throughout  the firm and adjust the programs accordingly.

A critical issue affecting leadership in performance management

A significant issue facing leadership in the performance of management is the lack of commitment by the leaders. Commitment is very vital in ensuring that there is a smooth implementation of a given process. Leaders need to be at the forefront in the process of performance management an integral part of the company (Taylor, 2021). Leaders can not only set the direction of the company and but also help in monitoring and reviewing the performance across a firm (Annette Towler, 2020). They also help in the reinforcement of the performance cycle through recognizing and rewarding performance. Hence their failure to be committed to the project can greatly affect the performance management and derail the company from attaining most of its intended goals. Lack of commitment by the management be can also affect the performance of the junior employee in the company, making them fail to work towards maximum performance, which may derail the company performance.

Another issue is ignorance of change management in system implementation. Strategic management of change is a vital part of implementing the system of a company. System implementation is driven by the top management, where it involves the careful management of Communication. This  is a vital intervention and a key tool that can help in the management of change (Graybill, 2019). A major issue affecting management is the lack of implementation of the milestone and schedule to ensure that performance management implementation is fully attained.

Solving the problem

To solve the issues facIng the management, first, there is a need for having leaders who are conversant with their roles in the company. Such leaders will ensure that they effectively undertake their roles and work ensuring that they take their roles are fully undertaken. The managers also need to incorporate the junior workers in the decision-making, where they will ensure that they involve everyone in working towards the achievement of goals and objectives. On ignorance of change management in system implementation, there will be a need for the management to have more focus in making sure that they critically play their roles and ensure that they continually play their leadership roles (Taylor, 2021). They will also need to

enroll various training and development programs that will nurse that they are continually updated about the changing structures and styles in becoming better leaders in performance management.


The research shows that performance in management is a vital issue in any given company. Nevertheless, leadership is key to the attainment of goals in performance management, ensuring that there is competency in the leadership strategies. Another lesson learned from the research topic is that they need to pay focus on the company’s change management is essential in ensuring that the leadership strategies align with the company’s goals and objectives.   Leaders will also need to ensure that they incorporate all the stakeholders in the decision-making to ensure that the performannce mangemnt process is made successful. Failure to integrate the parties involved in the different strategies will lead to the derailment of the set goals’ achievement and negatively affect attaining the company’s growth.

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